Best Anemometer for Home Use & Small Weather Station: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Whether you desire to keep track of wind conditions for your beloved outdoor pastime or check the airflow in the HVAC unit, the best anemometer can do the job for you. Like water, snow, or outdoor sports fans, staying up-to-date with changing wind and temperature circumstances is significant.

There is a comprehensive application of this instrument counting for home use, paragliding, HVAC, sailing, kite flying, drone flying, kite surfing, ballooning, golf, storm chasing, athletics, etc.

For home use, you might use it as an independent weather station. It needs you to install other climate sensors also. In agriculture, it checks the wind speed, temperature before spraying herbicides. While in construction, it is significant to measure the speed of the wind before working with cranes.

A digital handheld anemometer is easy to transport along on your adventures. It would also eliminate the guesswork out of the measure of temperature and wind speed. Here, we feature superior wind meters you could rely on to give you precise info about what awaits you on the trails otherwise waves.


Best Anemometer Reviewed: Our Top 8 Picks

Here is a list of selected portable models of the anemometers that you can buy online.


BTMETER BT-100APP Digital Wind Speed Anemometer

If you’re searching for an all-around anemometer on the marketplace for general use, look no more than the BT-100APP model from BTMETER.

BTMETER BT-100APP Digital Wind Speed Anemometer


This anemometer combines all the great features you might require. The aspects are wind speed tracking across 0.3-30 m/s, a backlit LCD display screen for easy reading, and temperature monitoring across 10-45℃. Add the app connectivity through Bluetooth within a small and robust package, and you could see how it became top in our list of best anemometers.

Reviewers particularly love the flexibility of this device, with tracking in km/h, m/s, ft/min, ft/ min to knots, mph for speed, as well as ℃/℉ for temperature. Add this to the capability to export the data outcomes in various formats, counting CSV. You will find this is the flawless anemometer for both work and play.

The BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer is light and extremely transportable (duh, it is handheld!). Moreover, it can be mounted on a tripod if you do want a fixed location.

Even though this is a small transportable machine, its wind measuring precision is pretty good. It also measures an extensive wind speed range (0.67-67.1mph).

It is a superb handheld anemometer to use in various activities, such as archery, sailing, shooting, drone flying, and climbing.


  • Mobile app connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Beaufort scale indicator
  • Reasonable price
  • Shows anemometer wind speed, wind chill, and ambient temperature
  • Extremely accurate with eight vanes and temperature sensors
  • Clear digital display with backlight
  • Solid build quality
  • Lightweight and portable, and pocket size
  • Tripod hole for mounting


  • The user manual could have been better

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HoldPeak HP-866B Handheld Anemometer

HoldPeak is a well-known organization for weather gadget engineering that is second to none while it sells digital measurement tools. Henceforth, HoldPeak HP 866B is a perfect choice for a handheld anemometer. It moreover has a variety of features for the suitability of the user.

HoldPeak HP-866B Handheld Anemometer


The package has a manual that explains all the features, and it is furthermore very comprehendible. This digital anemometer measures wind speed as well as temperature with precision. The measuring wind speed range is 0.3-30m/s.

Holdpeak 866b digital anemometer is also made with a temperature and wind chill pointer to measure the humidity level on air. One 9V battery is essential to function this Anemometer. And it moreover has a low battery pointer that warns the user while the battery is nearing its weakening or needs substituting.

To confirm the safety of this device, it has a black cover wherein it could be kept while not in use. People who are not very acquainted with handheld anemometers could also purchase this product since the user manual comprises all the required info to function this device.

Readings on this device’s digital display are clear and readable, even for low vision people. It furthermore comes with a backlight to the values that could be read even in the dark. Owing to its sensitivity, it is slightly prone to damage, so you must handle it cautiously. A huge number of features and values make this device the best handheld anemometer amongst the crowd.


  • Wind Speed Range: 0.3-30m/s
  • Accuracy: 0.1dgts
  • Wind speed measurement in 5 units: m/s, km/h, mph, ft/min, & knots
  • Lightweight device
  • Backlit LCD display with perfect readouts
  • Wind chill pointer to measure humidity
  • Zipper nylon carry case
  • Wrist band & low battery pointer
  • Great user manual


  • No USB port

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Kestrel 2000 Pocket Anemometer

Suppose you do some outside activity in a risky cold temperature and are frightened of suffering from hypothermia or frostbite. In that case, you require a tool that can measure the outside air temperature and the wind speed. To make it useful, it should present the wind speed, wind chill, and temperature. In this case, Kestrel 2000 is the correct Anemometer for you.

Kestrel 2000 Pocket Anemometer


Kestrel 2000 is the Anemometer that measures wind speed, air temperature, and wind chill temperature. By showing the wind speed, wind chill temperature, you might take knowledgeable action consequently.

This anemometer features all the significant protection to carry in an extreme atmosphere. It is water and dust-resistant (IP67), pocket-size, military-grade drop-tested, slip-on cover protected, plus a 5-year warranty as well. Since it is water-resistant, it’s capable of measuring the snow and water temperature. Furthermore, the battery would last for around 300 hours. The backlight is beneficial in a lowered environment.

The measuring wind speed range is 0.4 – 40 m/s. Also, the temperature range is from -20 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill temperature is presented in Celsius or Fahrenheit and extended from -29 to +70ºC along with the air temperature reading. Available units for wind speed are m/s, km/h, knots, ft/min, and mph.

Generally, Kestrel 2000 is the serious Anemometer that we commend bringing while facing an outer atmosphere. It is simple to use, rugged, and trustworthy. Hiking, ballooning, paragliding, sailing, windsurfing, hang gliding, mountaineering, golfing, drone flying, etc., are activities that need this tool for safety. It is quite basic but delivers a precise reading. Though the overall display plus measurement functions don’t appear fancy, they meet your price and need.


  • Measures wind chill temperature
  • Gives vital basic measurements for a very cold temperature atmosphere
  • Precise measurement
  • Simple 3 button control
  • Waterproof IP67 & it floats
  • High contrast monochrome display
  • Data hold function
  • Long battery life


  • It does not measure the height

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Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Anemometer

Ambient weather WM 2 digital anemometer comes with a Beaufort scale presented on the LCD screen in a graphic bar, which is very significant for users to quickly view. This Beaufort wind scale bar lets you rapidly realize how risky the wind direction is so that you might decide to go out or not.

Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Anemometer


The wind speed meter measures average wind speed as the main function, temperature, wind gust, and wind chill temperature. There are three switches: set, “+,” and hold. The set key has six functions. How many seconds you hold it will create diverse functions. Further, you can change the time interval of the wind speed regular up to 10 seconds time interval.

This WM-2 handheld digital anemometer could be used for sailors too. When the bar displays reading 9, it might become a serious danger for the yacht despite being well-resourced.

Though it’s reasonable, many clients feel it’s not like a reasonably made product. It uses a CR2032 battery which is easy to get. Font reading is big plus easy to read. Also, it comes with a backlight which is significant to motivate in a hazier place. Generally, this is the handheld vane anemometer that is worth considering. Travelers, kite flying, bikers, sailors have to take a look at this simple kit.


  • Presenting the Beaufort gauge on a graphic scale bar
  • Reasonable price
  • Wind speed range: 0.4 mph to 67 mph
  • Large display; easy to read, big font
  • Optional tripod mount
  • Temperature range: -28 to 138.2ºF (-29.9 to +59ºC)
  • Wind speed accuracy -/+ 3%
  • Lithium cell battery


  • Some clients reported the battery power runs out faster than it would be

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Extech 45158 Mini Waterproof Thermo Anemometer & Humidity Meter

Our next pick is the mini anemometer by the producer Extech. The best part about this tool is that it comes in a pocket-sized design, making it very easy to carry about. It has a flip-style design that performances as an extension handle whereas also protecting it throughout storage.

Extech 45158 Mini Waterproof Thermo Anemometer & Humidity Meter


This device provides very precise readings for air velocity with the temperature, dew point, and relative moisture on its dual display. It moreover gives readings in numerous unit measurements such as m/s, km/h, knots, ft/min, and mph. The greatest part about this tool is that it is totally resistant to water as well as highly heavy-duty.

This wind speed meter is made to float in case of unintentional immersion. Therefore, this is a very versatile anemometer and is appropriate for carrying out operations in numerous situations. The device comprises a replaceable wind vane which is completed from non-corrosive plastic material for augmented durability.

Besides that, it furthermore contains a data freeze display to show the readings in an auto power-off mode. Unlike many other thermometers, this one measures the dew point from an array of 32°F to 122°F. It is certainly a good pick for testing and carrying out operations in hostile environmental situations.


  • Measure relative humidity along with wind speed & temperature
  • High sturdiness; drop tested to six feet
  • Fully waterproof and floatable
  • Replaceable & non-corrosive plastic wind vane
  • Pocket-sized extensible design
  • Double freeze, dual screen LCD display
  • Wind speed range: 100 to 5500 ft/min
  • Max/Min function


  • Hard to eliminate the battery cover
  • Auto power-off might shut and destroy data

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AcuRite 00634A3 Wireless Weather Station with Wind Sensor

We have an exclusive wireless climate station by the manufacturer Acurite which delivers consistent precision for weather forecasts. This self-calibrating device estimates data from adjoining pressure sensors to give the most accurate readings for our precise locations.

AcuRite 00634A3 Wireless Weather Station with Wind Sensor


This anemometer has an atomic clock that updates the time for keeping continuous accuracy and does not have any manual sets for daylight saving time (DST). Henceforth, this is an energy-saving device also. Furthermore, the weather stations contain a history chart that displays the temperature, wind speed, and barometric pressure.

Not only is it perfect and reliable, however, it also has a neat tabletop stand design plus can easily pierce strong signals. Using this device, we could plan our day with poise and be well prepared for any kind of quick weather changes. The greatest part is that we could get the most precise projections from our exact locations.

Even though the design might look unconventional, this wind speed meter is rather easy to set up. The transmitter could also be installed a few yards away with just a small quantity of labor. Therefore, this wireless weather station is recognized for its sturdiness and can warranty superior quality.


  • Atomic clock updates time consistently
  • Patented self-calibrating forecasting
  • Estimates data from the precise location from pressure sensors
  • Consistent precision and dependability
  • Penetrates robust signals
  • Multi-variable history chart
  • No manual settings for DST
  • Tabletop or wall-mountable design
  • Shows moon phase


  • Not the finest temperature readings

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Proster Anemometer- Portable Wind Speed Meter (MS6252A)

The Proster MS6252A digital anemometer has a multi-unit switching function containing reading hold, max-min, etc. As stated in the name, this device is typically desired for easier operation.

Proster Anemometer- Portable Wind Speed Meter (MS6252A)


The Proster MS6252A is extremely reliable and one of the coolest devices to function without breaking a sweat. It simply needs a 9-volt battery to operate this device. Along it comes the low battery pointer and the auto power on and off function. 

The design of this wind speed meter is very classic, plus it has a big screen LCD. Furthermore, the Proster handheld anemometer has a backlight that allows the clients to read and get the data even in the dark. Moreover, this product has a special feature of holding the data of the preceding reading so people could come back and read the data anytime they want.

The design of this digital anemometer is also very upfront and very transportable for the clients to carry around without any uneasiness. It is typically common amongst the people who fly drones. They obtain a precise reading of wind speed.

Proster anemometer is their favorite one for people who relish such sport as it gives a very accurate wind measurement. The handheld anemometer furthermore has buttons that tell the clients all the directions they will need to press. So clients can understand what key to press without having to take a look at the manual. It is certainly a device you would want to have for your sports.


  • Displays data even in the dark owing to the backlight
  • Easy to transport
  • Has a solid impact resilient body
  • Comes with a low battery indicator
  • Multi-function: Reading hold, maximum, minimum, etc
  • Auto power-off function
  • Measure in m/s, ft/min, km/h, mile/h, knots
  • Max/Min function
  • Measuring wind speed range: 0.4 to 30 m/s


  • You could not read the temperature using this product

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Extech AN100 CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer

This AN100 Anemometer thermo-anemometer from Extech provides HVAC/R experts with the ability to detect air flow, circulation, and weather conditions all in one device. The AN100 Anemometer has a big illuminated display and can show both temperature and air flow or speed at the same time.

Extech AN100 CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer


Using a spinning vane probe, the Extech AN100 can measure flow from heating coils and other ventilators. HVAC maintenance, service, diagnosis, and optimization are all made easier with this handy device.

Temperature and Air Flow may be shown concurrently on a CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer. The meter’s memory storage stores the area measurements (cm2) for the next switch on. Among the extras are: Average of 20 points for Air Circulation and 3% accuracy in speed via low coefficient of friction. Two-inch diameter (72mm) ball bearings on 3.9-foot (120cm) wire. A 9V battery, a rubber pouch, and a case are included.

Air Flow or Velocity and Ambient Temperature are shown side by side in real time in the AN100 Anemometer.

Air Flow may be calculated using a 20-point average in the AN100 Anemometer. LCD Screen with a Massive Backlight makes it easy to read the AN100 Anemometer.

Low friction results in a 3% increase in velocity accuracy. 72mm ball vane wheel on a 120cm (3.9-foot-long) wire with the AN100 Anemometer.

The AN100 Anemometer saves the battery with the auto-shut down feature. A vane detector with 3.9 feet of cable, a 9V battery, a leather holster, and a carrying box are included.


  • Auto-shut down feature
  • 9 feet of cable
  • Leather holster, and a carrying box
  • LCD Screen with a Massive Backlight


  • Expensive

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Anemometer Buying Guide

If you are not sure about the anemometer you want to purchase, look at our buyer’s guide since it will aid you in making a decision. We have narrowed down the most significant characteristics you would want in your wind speed meter.

This buying guide will help you slim your list and make it very stress-free to purchase your new Anemometer.



The accuracy of the info rendered by the anemometer plays a special role. The tool’s readings would determine your action course. If the reading verifies itself to be inaccurate, you will face a likewise consequence.

The wind’s speed, flow, humidity, direction, and ambient temperature must be spot on to get the actual pictures of the climate outside. So, it is essential to read the anemometer reviews if your desired choice is to gain insight into this tool’s people experiences.

The accurate reading must be your top priority, even if it compromises with the other features. One of the finest builders of Anemometer, before it comes to precise readings, is said to be the HoldPeak.

With 20 years of experience, several buyers have been fairly pleased with their models and have extremely suggested them. The models of this brand and numerous others could be found on Amazon for a good deal.



Before choosing an anemometer, you have to ensure that your product has obtained many positive reviews worldwide. Nowadays, this is only achieved if the product comes from a reputable brand. That has earned the faith of a lot of clients who have used their product. Sometimes with the product furthermore comes a warranty which might help you in the short run if there is any fault in your device.

Thus this is a key feature you have to remember beforehand you make the buying: make certain the anemometer is from a reputed brand.



Customers would take a look at the comprehensive specifications of the anemometer they want to buy. It is by far the most significant feature clients must keep in their minds. For instance, for long-range shooting, clients might desire a more precise kind of wind speed meters to improve their skills.

Professionals advise the clients to search for anemometers that have precision ratings of around +/-5%. Also, make sure that the device is giving you replies quickly rather than giving lagged outcomes.


Response and Wind Speed

Portable anemometers are small-sized devices proficient in measuring wind speed of around 100 mph. The response time is furthermore important. The digital handheld anemometer would have a fast response time.


Battery Life

Maximum modern anemometers are digital, which means they require a source of power to function. The battery is the most common source of energy for moveable anemometers. Maximum batteries will run long-term, and most anemometers have a lower battery indicator.


Size and Design

Different anemometers come with diversities of sizes plus designs. For instance, you will find some vane anemometers with a bigger vane and some with smaller; also cup anemometers with diverse cups.

Vane anemometers with huge vanes are better than smaller ones. Likewise, the 3-cup Anemometer is more precise than the 4-cup. A wind speed meter with lengthier cables is better. The upper is the wind sensor’s location, the more accurate readings could be achieved. Definite little things have to be kept in mind while selecting an anemometer.



The construction and material of the Anemometer are essential factors as the sturdiness of the equipment depends on these features. The Anemometer will continue to be exposed to the outdoor situation and face the severest weather conditions. Make sure that the anemometer you select is long-lasting and rugged and could withstand the worst weather.

Usually, cup and vane anemometers cannot withstand ice and fail because of the icing effect. Still, some high-end heated version cup anemometers are obtainable that can work even through the cold climate. Again, with advanced technology, several cup and vane anemometers with nonfiction revolving parts are available, which could last much longer than the regular ones.



The color of the Anemometer rather matters for locations that are frequently affected by ice. Anemometers are obtainable in two colors, black and white. Both kinds are susceptible to icing; however, the black anemometers would thaw out faster than the white ones.



While most Anemometers are fairly standard, consider any added features you might need. These will compliment your climate station set up; also, they make carrying out your checkups easier. Whether that be accurate wind measurement scales otherwise connectivity to your other climate instruments. Confirm that you acquire the best one with the specifications you need.



Any weather-linked instrument is an investment; thus, you want to confirm you make the most of it! Anemometers are not diverse, so getting a product that could provide longstanding reliability is a must.

For instance, if you measure somewhere exposed to harsh situations, make certain you invest in a strong instrument. It will confirm you keep your tracking up plus running for years to come.



Modern Anemometers vary in the use of technology, with several offering the capability to track the elements remotely. If you want something with remote monitoring in-built, then look to a wireless-enabled device. Prospective connectivity to a smartphone is a must-have what time making your purchasing decision.



The next thing that is significant to consider is the cost of the tool. There are thousands of anemometers accessible in the market, and each of those has variable prices.

The inexpensive anemometers might not have numerous features, and they might be just sufficient to get by. Instead, the costly ones have an array of features that provide almost all the buyer’s requirements.


Error rate

Anemometers can measure airflow speed with the imprecision of 0.1-0.5 m/s, an error rate of 1-5%.

If deviances from the true values are not so significant (fireplace draft, airing of corridors), then a kit with an error of 5% is enough. When assessing the airflow in residential or cattle breeding areas, devices with a minor error are necessary.


Other Features

You could look for many other features, such as electrical and mechanical constituents, availability for clean-up and maintenance, and digital pulse data that aid prevents electrical interference from numerous sources similar to a radio transmission.



Anemometers are extremely convenient instruments for precise climatic measurements. Anemometers are vital for travel fanatics who are always on the run for outdoor activities and sporting purposes. Having an anemometer with us means we could always track the weather conditions and better organize our day.

Aside from reading the wind speed, temperature, relative humidity levels, and other exterior climatic factors, some contemporary anemometers allow us to share our locations with numerous loggers over data sharing functions.

Besides numerous traveling plus sporting activates, anemometers have several other uses for a range of agriculture activities. They could be very beneficial and great tools in research, crop harvesting, agricultural spraying, monitoring livestock temperature, and many more.

Even though the existing market offers a great array of digital anemometers for us to select from, it is constantly a great idea to look out for several key features that confirm proper buying. A high-quality anemometer will certainly make our investment worthwhile.



Does an anemometer measure wind speed?

Ans: An anemometer is a tool that measures wind speed plus wind pressure. Anemometers are important tools for meteorologists who study weather patterns. The sturdier the wind blows, the faster the rod spins. The Anemometer counts the number of rotations, or turns, which is used to estimate wind speed

How accurate is an anemometer?

Ans: Diverse anemometers have different precision rates. It might be no surprise that the more costly models will deliver you better precision in obtaining the data. The more expensive the unit, the more precise you could expect this to be. A common model with decent quality anemometer precision range is inside ±3%. It means that if the wind is blowing at 15 miles per hour, the unit may register between 14.4 and 15.6 miles per hour; thus, it is fairly precise for most purposes the client wants it.

What is the best Anemometer?

Ans: When you are facing bad and harsh weather conditions, accurateness is key. And this is why the HoldPeak-hp-866b Digital Anemometer is our top pick of the best wind gauge for outdoor activities and home use. Because of its 8-leaf wind wheel, large blades, and upgraded sensors, it offers fast and spot-on measurements of wind speed, temperature, and wind chill. It shows the readings on the big LCD display screen with a rear light for night reading.

What is the best wind meter?

Ans: If you are still undecided, we recommend you go with the masses and select the top-selling handheld wind meter: The BTMETER BT-100APP Digital Wind Speed and Temperature Meter is the hottest bestseller of this sort right now

What Should I Consider While Buying an Anemometer?

Ans: When you are buying an anemometer, the main vital things we have to look at our quality, accuracy, transportability, and ease to use.

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