Best Reloading Calipers for Ultimate Precision: Reviews & Buying Guide

best reloading calipers featured

Best reloading calipers are the measuring tools recognized as a Vernier Caliper and extensively used to measure an object’s internal and external distance. These newest digital calipers are rather diverse from those old kinds of instruments.

Accuracy is the main key to the reloading caliper. For this purpose, a LED is used as well as a small battery. For outside, step, and inside measurements, one long beam connected by the pair of jaws with big scale is used in digital calipers for reloading. In such types of tools, one jaw is fixed while the second one is scrolling. The reading of measurement is revealed in the big LED display.

For gauging purposes, digital calipers are extensively used in engineering metalworking and woodworking. There are diverse calipers: some switch among standard and metric units and some output readings. These tools are errorless, faster, and more precise to dial calipers.

Here our specialists are sharing the top 10 calipers for reloading. All these are sturdy and more fragile electronically and mechanically. In addition, we have prepared a buying guide for you so that you can make an informed decision before your purchase.


10 Best Reloading Calipers Reviewed: Our Top Picks

So, are you in search of electronic digital calipers for reloading? Then you do not need to go anywhere since we listed down the reloading digital calipers as per top digital caliper brands, value, and size. Take a look at these Comprehensive Reloading Digital Calipers for accurate measurements reviews, with specs, comparisons, and guides to help you make the correct choice. Here you can check the best reloading calipers Brands.

Our specialist tested and analyzed a lot to enlist the top-quality reloading calipers. Don’t miss reading the considerations beforehand purchasing one.


Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor AOS Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

While maximum of the digital calibers in the marketplace are water and dirt sensitive, this Mitutoyo Advanced Onsite Sensor AOS digital caliper comes with the novel absolute AOS. A caliper with electromagnetic induction kind encoder, the signal is not affected by water and oil on the outward of the scale.

Mitutoyo 500 196 30 Advanced Onsite Sensor AOS Absolute Scale Digital Caliper


The sensor repels dust, oil, and water, confirming 100% precision. Though some consistent wiping is essential as the display is not water-resistant. This IP67 licensed caliper is great for extreme measuring atmospheres. These ABS coolant-resistant calipers scale needs no origin point setting.

The slider is very comfortable, smooth, and steady with a thumb-friendly plus ergonomic design. With the new machining method, the performance of the slider working surface has significantly augmented (Ra: 0.071μm). Unlike other standard calipers, it could measure the tenth-sized part.

It is driven by an SR44 silver oxide battery that proffers a battery life of more than 3.5 years over regular use. This digital caliper has two gauging modes that contain metric and inches accomplished of step measurement. A precise reading is shown clearly on high-contrast and big LCD with a 9 mm font size.

Moreover, the carbide-tipped jaw model is accessible that is perfect for gauging rough castings, objects in addition to grindstones. The data output permits an incorporated measurement system that allows values to be provisionally set at zero. It is constructed from hardened stainless steel having a silver-grey finish. Especially, consider this as the most suitable digital caliper for woodworking.


  • Superb level of precision
  • Very easy to use plus zero out; press the essential buttons, and you are good to go
  • Measures outside, inside, depth, as well as step values
  • Water-resistant


  • Does not have an automatic on and off function

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MOOCK MK-DC-01 6″ Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

If you’re in search of a high-quality product that promises you long-term durability and performance, we would like to present you to the MOOCK Digital Caliper. The level of convenience this device delivers is so high that even a 13-year old could use it with ease.

MOOCK MK-DC-01 6″ Stainless Steel Digital Caliper


It seems a very intelligible device that is relatively good at gauging internal/external sizes, depth, steps, and diameters. The main benefit that the MOOCK caliper has over the Mitutoyo unit is that it features an automatic power-off feature. In brief, the device automatically shuts down afterward 5 minutes of inactivity.

However, the main cause of this product’s concern is how quickly it can alter the measurement readings into numerous units, for example, inches, mm, plus fractions. All it takes is a single click to access the units as per our expediency.

Also, after you are done, you can just reset it to zero and start a new measurement without going over all the hassle. Another benefit it has over the Mitutoyo unit is that it comes with a strong shock-resistant case for shield.

By now, you’ve perhaps concluded that this tool is lots better than the  Mitutoyo 500 196 30 unit, but it’s not entirely true. As we have noticed, most purchasers are slightly dissatisfied with the precision of this caliper’s measurements, as it is not extremely precise. Furthermore, we are not impressed with its battery life at all.


  • Can measure internal/external sizes
  • Automated shutdown feature
  • A robust case for protection
  • Shows readings in mm, inches as well as fractions


  • Poor battery life

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EAGems 6″ Stainless Steel IP54 Digital Caliper

EAGems is the brand that we could trust with our eyes closed. We have lately tested the all-new EAGems 6″ unit, and we are pretty impressed with its leading-edge IP54 technology. However, this product has lots more to offer.

EAGems 6″ Stainless Steel IP54 Digital Caliper


After testing the EAGems digital caliper, we can say that it’s a perfect option for those with elementary expectations and a low budget. Though it isn’t the most effective digital caliper you will find in the market, it offers decent performance. It would last for relatively a few years.

This caliper provides a standard measurement range of 0-6 inches and permits an increment of 0.0005 inches for greater accuracy. Though similar to the Mitutoyo and MOOCK digital calipers, this EAGems product shows the measurement in both inches plus mm units on its complete LCD screen.

Also, this unit gets the upper hand over the Mitutoyo caliper, as this has an auto on/off feature. Not to overlook, the USP of this model is the advanced IP54 protection that defends it from water plus dust for long-term product life.

Though this product has an automatic on/off feature, it turns on without the user’s knowledge. This way, it reasons a lot of needless battery drainage. Also, we have noticed that the lock used to keep the calipers integral is pretty weak.


  • Measurement varies up to 6 inches
  • 0005-inch increment for precision
  • IP54 rating for sturdiness
  • Automated on/off feature


  • On/off function is defective
  • Caliper lock is ineffective

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Igaging Digital Caliper

iGaging is yet another renowned producer of digital tools. They moreover produce a tremendous digital caliper that has got highly positive feedback.

Igaging Digital Caliper


We are presenting with the most trustworthy digital caliper accessible in the marketplace. iGaging Digital Electronic Caliper processes a 0.02 mm precision that is good adequate for a common-purpose caliper. You could use this caliper to gauge anything varying up to 150 mm in measurement. It has an IP54 waterproof rating that contains water droplets as well as dirt resistance.

It has a pretty robust build quality, and it is designed, however, considering the DIS standard 862 norms and ISO certified manufacturing technique. You could get a USB cable distinctly from the marketplace to attach this caliper to your PC. It is supported by two years of guarantee from iGaging, making it the most trustworthy option in comparison


  • Excellent water and dirt resistance accessible
  • ISO certified manufacturing
  • DIN standard
  • 2 years of warranty


  • USB cable not incorporated in the package

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 Neiko Digital Caliper

Neiko is a trendy brand in the marketplace. It has numerous decent products, including this digital caliper.

Neiko Digital Caliper

This caliper offers you three gauging modes: the inches, fraction, and the worldwide standard millimeters.

The caliper has a great variety of 0 to 300 mm in size and can provide extremely precise results up to 0.02 mm. It is constructed from hardened stainless steel with a knurled thumb on the Hornady dial; it offers easy movement.

The digital LCD display on the front is pretty big. Henceforth, you could quickly check the outcomes with excellent visibility plus clear reading availability. This caliper runs on LR44 batteries, plus you get one battery incorporated in the package. You moreover get an additional replacement for the battery moreover included in the package. It has a customized storage case for better transport. As is standard, this model has a carrying case to keep your tool secure between uses.

You will get amply of standard features, for example, metric and imperial readings, along with fractions. This option measures from zero to six inches and includes internal, external, and depth measuring abilities. You will also get accurate measurements of accuracy inside 0.001 inches and an extra-large LCD screen for easier use. The most delicate magnifying glass can moreover help with small items.


  • Three diverse measuring modes
  • The measuring range is good
  • Super affordable
  • Great resolution
  • Nice finish
  • Stainless steel


  • Guarantee description is not given
  • Precision might be better

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Fowler 54-101-150-2 Cal Electronic Caliper

For sitcom fans, Fowler brings back memories of the cherished character on The Big Bang Theory. The Fowler 54-101-150-2 Cal Electronic Caliper is effective in several ways. This device manages to stand out in the mass, which has caused in its augmented popularity.

Fowler 54-101-150-2 Cal Electronic Caliper


The FOWLER 54-101-150-2 Xtra-Value Cal Electronic Caliper offers fast and specific measuring of outside diameters, inside diameter, and distances. It is flawless for both home DIY and proficient use. This digital caliper measurement is 10.1 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches. The weight of this caliper is 12 ounces. 

It is designed with hardened stainless steel for erosion resistance and long life. Its measuring ranges 0-6”/150mm. The accuracy is 0.01mm. The offered resolution is 0.0005”/0.01mm. It features four ways of gauging counting inside, depth, outside, and step values of flexibility. The digital readout shows inch/metric units for versatility while measuring. It includes a defensive case as well as a CR 2032 lithium battery.

The caliper measures one to six-inch augmentations for total accuracy. The LCD shows metric and inch units for flexibility while measuring.

The stainless steel frame is for erosion resistance as well as long life. It can measure outside, inside, depth, and step values for flexibility. And it contains a protective case and a CR 2032 lithium battery. It moreover has a one-year guarantee from Fowler High accuracy.


  • Angular, wrench-like outline
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • The battery automatically turns off while not in use
  • Smooth constituents
  • Precision is high


  • Mushy switches
  • The screen is small with poor contrast

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Starrett Electronic Digital Caliper


The Starrett Electronic Digital Caliper is built for comfort. The designers had the purchasers in mind ensuring that this device is up to date with the other calipers on the marketplace. It is another product that is simple yet proficient and is definite to please prospective suitors.

Starrett Electronic Digital Caliper


Starrett is another brand that is well-known for delivering the market top-of-the-line calipers. Many hand loaders and reloading enthusiasts would tell you that this is the finest electronic digital caliper for reloading.

The model could measure up to 6 inches of material in augmentations of 0.0015 inches or 0.02 mm. It is the perfect precision every reloader requires. It is excellent for starters that desire to improve their skills—no requisite to read the small signs on dial calipers for reloading.

You will love how shiny and contemporary the product looks. It furthermore is very comfortable and easy to use. It is made of stainless steel that confirms durability.

The product is designed to have a slim and streamlined profile for an enhanced grip. You also get a big LCD screen. On top of that, the caliper has a beautiful plastic case.

Comfort is a significant feature for purchasers. Thus, the Starrett Electronic Digital Caliper designers have given this product a slim, smooth, and comfy look. However, key features of other calipers have furthermore been maintained to caters to all types of purchasers.

One of the significant advantages of this device is its ease of use. The settings are located on the LCD screen. It means that users can switch easily between inches and millimeters at the press of a button.

Along with this, it has a zero-button function that permits users to compare diverse measurements much faster. Also, this product has a thumbwheel at the rear of the screen, which means users could adjust the device simply with one hand.

The added advantage of this feature is that the device could then be used to measure objects in hard-to-reach locations and spaces.

A deterrent for some users might be the fact that the device does not read into the thousandths. It is wherever other calipers offer more precision. Moreover, the battery does not automatically turn off, meaning users have to be attentive and keep backup batteries.


  • User-friendly
  • Push button to switch among measurements
  • Easy to use LCD
  • Zero position function
  • Lightweight and compacted


  • The battery might drain fast

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Anytime Tools Dial Caliper

It is the flawless kind of caliber to use anyplace you need it. Anytime Tools Dial Caliper is made with sturdy stainless steel, which is meant to last. Plus, we genuinely like the dimension of the dial, making it easy to read to be capable of tracking values as you measure them.

Anytime Tools Dial Caliper


The maximum of the parts of this caliber is constructed with stainless steel. It lets you know that while you take this out of the box, you could have a great deal of poise to get a quality product. The metal parts are well machined and finished, plus the racketeers are secured by a metal covering.

It is very easy to slide, glossy smooth, as you would find that there is no binding. Measurements are shown in both inches plus millimeters, and the pointers line up at 16 diverse spots along the slide length. It provides you a precise measurement of 0.005 mm. The display inside the dial comes in both black plus red lettering to make it easy to decide which measurement gauge you are reviewing.

Suppose you are in the requisite of a caliper that does not need absolute accuracy. In that case, this is truly an excellent choice for you. You will be pleased with the readings that you obtain and know you have a quality device to take with you anywhere you need it. It is justly built for anywhere, anytime.


  • An economic alternative
  • Clean white dial face for easy reading
  • Nice for light to average usage
  • The finish is excellent


  • Not as smooth as the high-end dial caliper; however, it should be acceptable

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RCBS – Electronic Digital Calipers

This caliper is digital and offers an instantaneous reading. It is made with a rigid stainless steel body for extended tool life.

RCBS – Electronic Digital Calipers


Its range moves from 0 to 6 inches (0-150mm). The resolution of RCBS Electronic Digital Caliper is 0.0005 inches and has an accuracy of 0.001 inches. You could adjust to zero at any point and start measuring inside diameter, outside diameter, depth, and steps.

The LCD display is oversized with large, easy-to-read digits. There is an inch toward the millimeters switches key on display. The display is battery operated, and a battery is incorporated in the package. The LCD screen would also let you know while the battery is running low. That would be quite often as the battery life of this product is relatively objectionable. It lasts less than its announced battery life, which is a tad hurtful. Also, this unit does not feature an automatic on/off feature.


  • Renowned brand
  • Good quality plus warranty
  • Very clear LCD screen
  • Extra battery incorporated
  • Battery running low indicator
  • Average price range


  • Small battery life
  • No automatic on/off feature

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VINCA DCLA 0605 Quality Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

This digital caliper is an outstanding choice for all your reloading requirements. It comes in various sizes; thus, you could use it for any cartridge, otherwise casing. It is made with sturdy stainless steel and offers accurate results every time because of its digital design.

VINCA DCLA 0605 Quality Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper


This VINCA DCLA 0605 digital design is beneficial since it lets you switch between three measurement modes: inches, fractions, or metric. Either way, it offers precise measurements down to 0.001 inches and allows you to quickly zero the tool by pressing the switch beneath the big and easy-to-read LCD screen.

To make things even better, this reasonable caliper has already been calibrated beforehand of the sale. As a result, it will be prepared to go right out of the box, making it a faultless choice if you need a digital caliper ASAP.

This digital caliper is an outstanding choice for its versatility and affordability; you can obtain precise measurements no matter what form you want them in.


  • Very reasonable
  • Comes in numerous sizes
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Three modes
  • Already calibrated


  • Can’t use a normal USB cable for charging

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Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper with LCD Display and Case for Reloading

With the Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper, you can measure everything from the lengths of reloaded ammunition to the diameter of a cast projectile in a matter of seconds.

Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper with LCD Display and Case for Reloading


Separate on/off controls as well as a moisture and dirt proof surface are all included in this stainless-steel caliper.

Frankford Arsenal has everything you need to start reloading, regardless of your skill level. For both professional and leisure shooters, Frankford provides the tools necessary to make the most effective and consistent ammo conceivable, from tumbling to depriming.

Replating ammo calls for close attention to several measurements, such as case height, collar and foot widths, total length- including primer pocket depth, and many more aforementioned considerations. Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper make it easy to verify these specifications. Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper and Micrometers are both accurate to within .001″ of a millimeter.

The LCD screen on the front shows the measures taken with the calipers, including the interior and outside dimensions, as well as the depths. Many measurement activities, both on and off the reload bench, may be accomplished with these tools. Conveniently housed in a hard plastic carrying case

A protective case is included to keep the tool safe while not in use on the reloading table. One SR-44 battery is required and included in the pack.

Most old-style stainless-steel calipers, like this one, are made of plastic since they are extremely difficult to come by at a fair price. This device has excellent build quality. You may use it like a regular caliper to measure the size once it has been zeroed out by pressing a button.  Frankford’s model is quite accurate.

It’s packaged well and even includes an extra button cell battery. Well-considered design. As with previous Frankford items, this one achieves a good equilibrium between utility, cost, and reasonable quality.

This is a great option if you just want a digital readout, a durable caliper, and all of that without spending a fortune.


  • Great LCD Display
  • Accurate measurement
  • Convenient reset button
  • Comes with a case


  • Sometimes doesn’t hold to zero

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Buying guide for Best Reloading Calipers

If you have been paying attention, you are already aware of the best digital calipers in the marketplace. But, we do not recommend just picking up any of the models above arbitrarily. Without being conscious of the fundamental features, you might regret purchasing a digital caliper. You moreover need to understand how appropriate the caliper is for your envisioned purpose.

We will mention several of the key issues to look at while purchasing a reloading caliper. The following list touches on the core essentials that describe the overall performance of a digital caliper or dial caliper.

Beforehand you settle for a specific model, it would be wise to see whether or not it meets these particular benchmarks.


Ease of Use

Some of these could be extremely easy to use, which are perfect for using a caliper for the first time. However, a lot is a bit more stylish, making it more challenging for those who have never used a caliper beforehand. It is exclusively true when you are talking about the movement of the thumbwheel as to how delicate or smooth it moves.

As purchasers, we commonly prefer devices that are easy to use. Similarly, an ideal electric caliper must have even an easy-to-use interface, measuring jaw movements, and sensitive wheels. Or else, it’ll make the work a lot more time-consuming and harder.



As with any reloading kit you could buy, the materials used to construct the device are significant. You not only want something sturdy and robust but, with something like a caliper, you also want somewhat that is easy to hold and does not have a lot of weight.

A lighter tool could be more accessible for you to use, particularly if you have lots of measurements to do and one day.



Calipers made by a renowned company from high-quality materials would usually have good quality and precision. Since they are accurate measurement devices, good quality is particularly significant. You do not want to measure your rounds wrong and end up with ammunition that does not have any constancy or is outright unsafe.

Good quality might not be inexpensive, but you do not want to exchange quality for a low price for safety while working. Be cautious of calipers that include too many plastic parts. Those may not last very long. For example, the quality of  Mitutoyo 500-196-30  and Hornady digital caliper is good.



You should give lots of attention to the guarantee period provided by the maker. The 1 or 2 year warranty period is a great means to get an idea about the sturdiness of the digital caliper. If the vernier caliper of your choice is extremely reliable, you will discover a longer guarantee period provided by the maker.


Inside and Outside Jaws

The outside and inside jaws are used to measure the inner and external sizes of an object. Now, a maximum of the products in the marketplace come with very subtle measuring jaws that can be scratched easily. Thus, while purchasing a digital caliper, make sure to double-check that its measuring jaws are made with durable and robust material.


Relative Zero

Mostly, this feature is convenient while resetting the device at zero in an instant to start with the subsequent measurement. Moreover, it is used as the on/off switch in many digital calipers. It is now usually found in electric calipers.



Depending on what type of measurements you like to use, you want to choose whether you need an Imperial, fractional, or decimal caliper. You might even want a choice that offers you more than one alternative.


Battery Life

If you are going to purchase a digital caliper, then there are two parts you want to ponder. The first of them is the battery life itself. You want somewhat that will last for some time without a need to substitute the battery often. You moreover want a caliper that would have an auto-shutoff mechanism. If you are not using the caliper for some time, it would automatically shut off.



Price is always a significant issue with any product you purchase. Make sure that something fits inside your budget; however, try to buy something that is a bit upper grade if you can perhaps afford it.


Measuring Modes

Calipers offer diverse measuring modes, and several calipers offer multiple units inside one tool. You will have to choose if you need an Imperial, fractional, or decimal caliper. The best calipers for reloading would include millimeters, as you will be working on such a small scale.



The premium calipers for reloading ammunition will have perfect precision; thus, your casings will be uniform. If probable, buy a digital caliper that offers accuracy down to 0.02 millimeters; otherwise, 0.001 inches. A relative zero feature helps with precision since you can rapidly zero out preceding measurements to keep working.



Calipers need to be strong and long-lasting. Some are weatherproof if you take your caliper out to the range; otherwise, work on reloading outside.

For digital calipers, you requisite to consider battery life. Not only will a long battery provide you more usage time, but you also will not have to purchase replacement cells. It is a bonus if the caliper has a sensor to warn you of a low battery charge.


Depth Gauge

The depth gauge is unarguably the essential feature of a digital caliper, as it permits us to measure the precise depth of a hole. Furthermore, this feature comes conveniently at measuring the accurate thickness of any material. Thus make certain that the product you are interested in purchasing features sturdy depth measurements.


Locking screw

What good is a caliper that does not lock correctly? Yes, the lock screws make sure that the measuring jaws are sufficiently locked to be more precise. That being said, numerous products in the marketplace come with low-quality locking bolts, so be smart and be careful.


LCD display

Because of being a measurement device, a perfect electric caliper needs to show the readings visibly for the user’s expediency. Brands such as Neiko and Mitutoyo offer a comparatively large LCD than the others.


IP54 Protection

Professionals often use electric calipers in harsh situations, which needs the tool to be highly resistant to damage. On that note, the IP54 protection improves the sturdiness of an electric caliper as it upsurges its resistance to dirt, oil, and water.



Resolution means the tiniest reading an accuracy tool can offer. Today’s digital calipers usually have 0.0005mm resolution. If you discover less than 0.0005- 0.01mm, leave it. There are so many options obtainable. However, if you must have a better resolution, a micrometer would be ideal for you.


Sliding Speed

Is your caliper acting weird reading while you slide it too fast? It is a sign of low quality. We need to use the caliper quickly. It will be very irritating if we have to use it sluggishly all the time not to obstruct the reading. That will be a waste of time. Taking the limit of sliding speed into account is very significant while you need it for proficient use.


Transferrable Measurement data

The same with carbide jaws; this is an additional feature you might want to have. You might want to take numerous measurements and save the results in a worksheet. No need to write it down any longer. Just connect the cable. Each time you push the distinct button, the reading seems in the worksheet. Whether it is on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it is okay as long as it can support the software.



Calipers are usually a low-maintenance tool. You should store it in a dry place since it contains electronic constituents that might become damaged if open to moisture. It should be kept clean at all times as dirt or dust within the components could be problematic for precise readings. Most models come with a case to help prevent damage or else contamination while not in use.


Digital calipers come in a variety of lengths. Most of the models come in sizes between 4 and 12-inches. Though you may need a longer caliper for proficient use, you make your ultimate choice by checking the measurement range beforehand.


Client Reviews

The client reviews help us determine how it performs in realism. Whatever the company promotes the product, the genuine client reviews are unignorable.

The company usually advertises their products with faultless promises as if their tools will always last and perform fine every day like a new one. In reality, reviews are the most real trustable promotion we could refer to. Consequently, we embed some purchaser reviews to keep our readers educated about how the calipers essentially are. You can write to us for more information on the selected products (data protected by our privacy policy).



When it comes to accurate measurement, choose only the best tool. The best tools would give you precise results. Try investing in digital calipers. With less effort, you will continually record the most accurate results. However, these tools might occasionally be having a high price range; however, they are worth the risk.

Be cautious with inexpensive digital calipers. Well, they may be giving you precise results, too; however, they might not last for long. Try the ones stated above, as they have been tested and verified to be good. Be safe and select only the best digital caliper for reloading.



Are digital or dial calipers better?

Ans: Digital calipers offer better accuracy than dial calipers. Though, this will furthermore depend on how well-calibrated your caliper is.

How much accuracy do you need?

Ans: It is not tricky to answer if you have a bit of acquaintance about reloading. When it comes to reloading, you require as much precision as you can! For final accuracy, you will need the most refined bullet along with good grade power. Moreover, the excellent quality digital calipers provide an accuracy of 0.001 inches to more than 6 inches. Typically, the accuracy would be .0001 inches for 150 mm calipers. In certain cases, the measurement is more than

How precisely do calipers need to be for reloading?

Ans: To reload a caliper that will be precise, steady, and safe, you need to make accurate measurements. While you start out reloading, you would have to measure every cartridge. That will change with your reloading best experience.

Gradually, you will be capable of telling what your caliper measurements are before you even put the package inside the caliper. Thus accuracy will become determinant very much upon your experience plus experience level. Though you should always strive to make precise and accurate rounds, a caliper is an excellent device to aid you.

What is the best micrometer for reloading?

Ans: In case you want us to select for you, we will say the Mitutoyo 395-363-30. Though, if you are on a budget, pick iGaging 35-040-T01. All their benefits have been clarified in the reviews.

When will you use a micrometer instead of a caliper?

Ans: Caliper is capable of measuring inside and outside diameter, even depth. In comparison, a micrometer is only capable of measuring either an outside diameter otherwise an inside diameter. So, when you have to check the inside and outside diameter of a bore, you require

Where is Mitutoyo caliper made?

Ans: Mitutoyo is a Japanese company. Several of their tools are made in Brazil; however, all caliper products are made in Japan.

Which brand makes the best reloading calipers?

Ans; The leader of digital calipers is the Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Digital Caliper which is well-known by top Japanese quality and accuracy supported by a calibration certificate. The tool is finished from first-class stainless steel. The sliding jaws embrace laser machined surfaces for accurate measurements.

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