The Best Digital Level For DIYers And Professionals: Product Reviews & Buying Guide

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In this article, we are looking at one of the most preferred tools of woodworking professionals, surveyors, engineers, and excavators: the best digital level.

There are many considerations for buying the right digital level. Digital levels are the perfect friend for surveyors, engineers, and excavators. These levels are faster and more accurate with angular measurement. You can share the data with a computer and other devices. Unlike the manual levels, these devices have a digital screen for easy reading.

These are professional-level tools; it has all the tweaks and features for the professionals like surveyors, engineers, and excavators. But it is equally useful for DIY and home improvement projects as well. These are very handy to keep around the house for whenever you need them.

We have selected the highest-rated, most reviewed digital levels and shortlisted them based on the compact buying guide features. These are the most sought-after digital levels on the market today. Let’s see!


8 Best Digital Levels Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Here are the top picks reviews for the digital level on the market for shopping.


Klein Tools 935DAG Pocket Size Digital Level and Angle Gauge

Klein tools 935DAG digital level and angle gauge is a dual functionality, digital display level. It has a highly visible LCD display that has a reverse contrast method to work in low light conditions and dimly lit work places. The display has an auto rotate capacity for easy viewing.

Klein Tools 935DAG Pocket Size Digital Level and Angle Gauge- Best Digital Level


This electronic level has a magnetic base to be attached to metal and ferromagnetic surfaces. You can measure 0 to 90 relative angles and 0 to 180 degrees angles with this electronic level. The digital level is water and dust resistant, and it has a rating of IP42.

There are two buttons on display, a power button, and a hold button to save the measurements.

This affordable digital level comes with a ‎Soft Carrying Case, Instruction Manual, AAA Batteries. You have a one year manufacturer warranty with this product!


  • Top reviewed waterproof digital level
  • 0 and 90 degree relative angles, 0 to 180 degree angle measurements
  • Easily speed leveling
  • Strong magnetic base and edge angle finder surfaces, box beam
  • High accuracy sensor technology
  • Dual functionality high visibility backlit LCD screen
  • One year warranty factory, case included, price money low


  • No accuracy level indication is available

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Swanson Tool Co SVT200 Savage Digital Magnetic Aluminum Billet Torpedo Level

Swanson Tool SVT200 Savage Digital model is the next level on our list. This 9 inch digital level has 4 magnets, neodymium v grooved magnets for sturdy and stable readings. It has three modes and two vials at 0 and 90 degrees.

Swanson Tool Co SVT200 Digital Magnetic Aluminum Billet Torpedo Level


Swanson digital display has an auto shut off feature that saves battery. It also has a beep audible indicator that reads the measurement. It also has an audio indicator for level or plumb.

Swanson claims it is 3 times more accurate than any other product on the market! The accuracy range is 0.029 degrees; that is as good as it gets!

The price value is a bit high, but the durability and functionality more than compensate for the price!


  • 029 degrees high accuracy range data readings
  • Aluminum body frame, lightweight digital level
  • 2 vials 0 and 90 degrees tilt angle measurements
  • Easy to read LCD display screen backlight
  • 4 sturdy neodymium v grooved magnets
  • 3x more accurate digital level tough torpedo level


  • No end caps or box featured,

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Stabila 36548 48″ Electronic Dust and Waterproof IP65 Tech Level

Stabila is one of the most premium brands in the measurement tool industry. And Stabila 36548 48-inch smart tool is one of their crown jewels!

Stabila 36548 48" Electronic Dust & Waterproof IP65 Tech Level


Stabila 36548 is a 48 inches digital level with a lighted and large display; it reads in three modes: degrees and percent. Stabila 36548 is made with high grade aluminum for durability.

The price point is a bit too high, but you get 2 years warranty with one of these digital levels, and the quality more than makes up for the price.


  • Audible indicator
  • Similar removable end caps
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Provides 5 modes display digital level angle measurements
  • Offers great accuracy range
  • Easy to calibrate, 2 vials
  • 2 years warranty
  • Reads results in ‎degree, % grade, inch/feet, better than 24 inches


  • High price

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Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder

This is another dual functionality digital magnetic level and protractor here. It works as a woodworking tool as well. The AccuMASTER is accurate and compact, and it is a pocket size digital level for you.

Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder


The display is easy to read and very accurate. It turns off after 3 minutes of inactivity to save power. There is MEMS sensor that increases the battery life by a stretch.

The digital level has a powerful magnetic base to attach it to metals for easy and precise measurements. The strong magnets give you a hands free experience while taking measurements.

This tool has an IP54 dust and waterproof rating, meaning it is water resistant and dust resistant, perfect for woodworking. It is an inexpensive and value for money product for your projects.


  • Pocket size level, beam box
  • Strong magnetic base, compact
  • Easy to read LCD display digital level
  • 2 year warranty related to manufacturing
  • Convenient user guide
  • 2 AAA batteries, a carry case box, and belt loop included


  • IP54 rating, water resistant, not allowing waterproof measurement

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Digi-Pas DWL280PRO Waterproof IP67 Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor, 9 inches

Digi-Pas is one of the most famous tool maker companies in the US today. And this is their digital level for you.

Digi Pas DWL280PRO Waterproof IP67 Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor, 9 inches


This Digital Torpedo Level has the brightest 9 inches LED display on the market with v groove magnets that allow the strong magnetic base to hold on to any metallic surfaces. It also has audible indicators to sound at 0 and 90 degrees, or whatever degrees you may have set it on.

The LCD display auto rotates (flips)when the level is rotated. You can change the display in millimeters, meters, inches, and feet.

Digi-Pas torpedo level is waterproof, shockproof, and has IP67 certification. Digi-Pas level has thick and rubberized end caps that protect the level from damage.

The Digi-Pas comes at a middle range price money value, but the price is reasonable.


  • Strong magnetic base
  • Pocket size digital level
  • Clear LCD display
  • 2 sturdy vials bubble for various conditions
  • 18 months warranty related to manufacturer
  • Reads in ‎Degrees, inches/ft, mm/m, and % of slope measurements
  • Shock & freeze proof
  • Resolution: ±0.05°


  • A little bit high price point

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PREXISO Digital Level and Electronic Bubble Inclinometer

This is a highly accurate digital level with an accuracy range of  ±0.1 degrees at 0 and 90 degrees and ±0.2degree from -1-89 degrees. This digital level has a bright green LCD display visible during the day and on the darkest nights. The display of this digital level shuts itself down when you keep it upside down.

PREXISO Digital Level and Electronic Bubble Inclinometer


Prexico electronic level has two measuring modes, absolute angle mode, and relative angle mode; you have convenient buttons with an icon to switch back and forth from the modes. There are three units of measurement on Prexiso digital level, degrees, % grade, inch/feet.

There is an audible indicator for measurement that buzzes at 0 and 90 degrees. The price point on this 360degree electronic bubble inclinometer is affordable, and you get value for money.


  • Pocket size digital level package
  • Audible indicator electronic level accurately measures
  • Solid LCD display
  • 2 sturdy vials
  • Great accuracy range ±0.1 degrees angle measurements
  • High accuracy construction
  • Reads in impressive ‎degree, % grade, inches/feet measurements


  • Zero magnets or a strong magnetic base

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M D Building Products 92325 48 Inch Smart Tool Digital Level with Carrying Case

M D building products 92325 48-inch smart tool digital level measuring tool for your needs. It has patented sensor technology for precise measurements and accuracy. You can use this to measure in inches and feet.

M D Building Products 92325 48 Inch Smart Tool Digital Level with Carrying Case


M D building products 923325 comes with an accuracy range of 1/10 of a degree or 0.01 degree, which is as good as it gets! You can set an audible indicator to any degree you need. This comes with a case and 9v batteries, and it is ready to use!

The high price might pose a problem for some people, but it is made of durable aluminum, so it is a good investment.


  • Patented sensor technology
  • Audible indicator applications
  • Protected end caps
  • Various digital angle easily readable in LCD display
  • Superb accuracy range digital level, better than 24 inches
  • 9v battery included


  • High price

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MOTORHEAD 24-Inch 0° – 180° SMART DIGITAL Level

Introducing the Motorhead range of Smart Digital Levels, the next generation of twenty first century tools. This range of digital torpedo levels has precise angle finding capability, ease of use, precision, and durable construction all in one. Allow yourself extra time to perfect your trade by making precise measurements and cutting quickly and more correctly.

MOTORHEAD 24-Inch 0° - 180° SMART DIGITAL Level


Conventional bubble levels are rendered irrelevant by this level’s 0.1° measuring precision, digital LCD screen, and audible alert. For example, you may use this level to set the most exact sawing blade beveled angles to make faster and lesser cuts on a deck, or to establish the optimum pitch when constructing a concrete slab driveway.

2.25″ LCD cool-blue backlight displays the precise angle of any particular material in degrees, percent slope, and in/ft. for all Smart Digital levels.

With additional auditory alerts and beeps at 0°, 45°, and 90° measurements, you’ll understand exactly when you’ve achieved level or plumb. The neodymium magnet bottom makes it simple to measure the height on surface of the metal with one hand.

Levels collect readings in percent slope in addition to degrees. To help you level objects more quickly, this tool gives you rise and run measures that help you locate level and plumb positions.

There is nothing these Levels can’t handle, even water and dust. From the most filthy and muddy to the freshest and most sandy, it can handle it all.

Compared to standard artificial body torpedo levels, the robust milled-aluminum chassis is half the size and provides an unrivaled degree of strength and stiffness.

You shouldn’t be concerned about getting readings from people who are standing on anything. Shock-absorbing DURAGRIP caps are included on all levels to keep the level safe from ordinary bumps and scrapes.

The bottom has a magnetic attachment that makes it simple to connect it to metal surfaces.

Measure the level of electrical conductor, copper, and galvanized tubes, metal beams, and more with this leveling tool. Extended warranties are available for a year and you can extend it for a further two years.


  • Shock-absorbing DURAGRIPendcaps
  • Magnetic base
  • Additional auditory alerts and beeps
  • LCD cool-blue backlight displays


  • There are some delivery issues

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Best Digital Level Buying Guide

It is vital to know the essential features on the digital level. Because there are so many products on the market that it becomes very hard for a layman to buy the right digital levels. That’s why we will discuss the features to look for in this compact and comprehensive buying guide.



Most digital levels are accurate and give you the precise readings. You can measure with the accuracy on a 10 of a degree; this is the margin of error. This can be impossible for manual levels.

It is necessary to know the accuracy range of the digital level you are looking to buy because it can be a vital difference maker.

We’ve reviewed the highly-accurate digital levels, and we have mentioned the accuracy range for you with each digital level.



The digital level features an LCD Display or LED Display for convenient measurement reading. But it is necessary to check the display for readability or ease to read. Because this will make it easier to make the calculations, which is a real time-saver considering the complexity and the delicacy of the project you are working on.

Some of the modern levels can be easy to read, even in low light. These displays are better than the other digital angle finder display.


Battery life

Because the digital levels come with a display and digital calculator, there will be a battery to power the mechanism. It is essential to ponder the question of battery life before buying the digital level.

Some of the digital levels feature auto off functions that help preserve the battery. This will help your battery to give you a long service time and great functionality.



Memory function is another feature that needs to be made sure of before buying a digital level. Because when you are doing complex calculations and trigonometry, the digital level has to have a certain memory capacity. This makes sure you don’t have to measure the same measurement over and over again.


Cut Calculator

The most advanced digital level features some features like a cut calculator. This feature makes it easier for every calculation fits in the measurement. It also makes it very convenient to calculate the most accurate measurement. It is a time saver and ensures no hassle for your measurement needs.

We have tried to feature the digital levels with cut calculators.


Other features

Other features like locking mechanisms make the arms locked in a height, making taking calculations easier and angles more accurate. There are other brand specific features that will help you with your measurement needs. If those features are available within your budget, you should definitely look into those features.

Rotating display is one of these other features that come in handy when working in tight spaces. Especially during day time hours, you can’t see the display from a convenient place; rotating LCD display allows you to bypass the hassle.

Some digital levels have push button calibration, which comes in handy when you need an instant calibration.



Budget is the chief driving force for any purchase. Your budget can make you choose between the high-end and the mediocre level. So, having a firm grasp on your spending capability can help you get the ideal digital level for your budget.

This is not a big issue because lesser priced digital levels can rival the higher priced levels on any given day! This is made possible by technology and ingenuity.

We have made the list of the top-rated digital levels to give you the proper value for money.


Portability and storage

Not to put too fine a point here, because digital level users usually work on the field and job site, so portability is not that big of a deal here, but it is important nonetheless. Especially if you are working on DIY and home projects, it is vital that you get an easy-to-store digital level.



Research about the product that you have your eyes on. Read reviews, see the plus sides and the negative sides of the product. This will help you get a decent picture of the product, away from all the advertisement noises and jargon. People review these products with honesty, and if they get the best result from spending their hard earned money, they will tell you about it.

Now, we understand that not all of us can afford to spend hours of our precious time reading reviews. That’s where we come in. We have read these reviews and ratings. We listed, eliminated, and shortlisted these products based on reviews, price, features, and other considerations that come in, and in the end, made this list. So, you don’t have to waste your time doing all of that.


Final Thoughts

We are not affiliated with any brands here; we just reviewed the products that are the highest rated. We don’t earn advertising money from any brands.

We shortlisted the customers and users favorite digital levels here and reviewed them based on the features, price, and other pros and cons. This is a people’s choice list.

If you have any product that you think we should look at, you can write your reviews to us (data protected by our privacy policy).



Are digital levels more accurate?

Ans: Digital levels are more accurate because they give you precise readings.

Are laser spirit levels accurate?

Ans: Yes, spirit levels are accurate.

Is a digital level worth it?

Ans: Yes, it is worth it. This ensures the quality of your work.

What does a digital level do?

Ans: A digital level gives you precise angles and reading. It’s very important in woodworking and civil engineering.

What is the finest digital level on the market?

Ans: Klein Tools, Calculated Industries, and Stabila produce the highest-quality digital levels.

What type of level is the most accurate?

Ans: Digital level and laser level are the most accurate.

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