Best Digital Micrometer for Precise Measurement: Reviews & Buying Guide to Micrometers

Digital Micrometer featured

Best digital micrometer is one of the most effective tools for any technician. They are extremely accurate tools that would last forever if well maintained and accurately calibrated. Ask anybody in your favorite tools shop how old their micrometer is, and you will find out that most of them have probably been around for decades.

Digital micrometers, not like their analog equivalents, have a digital display that makes it easier to read measurements. If you are seeking alternatives to a digital micrometer, check out our decisive guide to micrometers.

We always recommend investing in a measuring tool that would last long and measure accurately and constantly when it comes to precision tools. We understand, though, that sometimes your budget may not allow that. So, we have included some more reasonable models that would also help you get the work done.


8 Best Digital Micrometers Reviewed – Our Top Picks

We reviewed the top-rated digital mics available in the market. You can try any one of these fine measuring tools according to your specific needs.


Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer

The Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer is a great pick for everybody who wants a high degree of measurement precision, heavy solid feel, smooth friction thimble operation, and long last use.

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer- Best Digital Micrometer


For specification, it measures 0 to 1″ with 0.00005-inch resolution along with an unbelievable ±0.00005″ (0.001mm) accuracy. You cannot go wrong with this choice. If you are going to take highly accurate measurements, this is what you are seeking.

In addition to its precision, you might also get the NIST certificate which is meant to use for certain industries. But it charges you an additional cost. If you plan to use it for home use, you can buy one without a certificate.

Furthermore, Mitutoyo 293-340-30 micrometer is designed to be capable of resisting dirt and water. The product meets the IP65 grade. The IP65 specification means it has been verified with dust and water jet tests and can effectively resist them. As interference might mislead the reading, this is one thing that chooses its accuracy.

A specific measurement using a micrometer takes into account the pressure applied. It would be better to consider the uniform pressure with this micrometer as the ratchet is reliable. Keep revolving the ratchet, and it would slip itself (sounds tick tick tick) while the anvils clamp the object being measured. A ratchet-stop mechanism aids you in applying steady pressure for accurate, repeatable measurements.

A large LCD screen has 4 buttons (origin, hold, zero/ABS, and in/mm). They are powered through a single SR44 battery, which is replaceable. Usually, the battery would last at least 2 years. In case the battery runs out, you might still be able to use it. The manual scale is accessible in inch reading.

Overall, it is no doubt for us to recommend this one. It’s precise, accurate, smooth, heavy, solid, as well as long-lasting.


  • Exceptional overall high accuracy and precision
  • Outstanding 0.00005″ resolution
  • IP65 rating, coolant-proof
  • Ratchet-stop helps provide consistent pressure
  • Efficiently operated (thimble revolution is smooth)
  • Manual reading is accessible if the battery runs out
  • Oil-resistant plastic component
  • Strong quality control team
  • Great friction thimble operation
  • Auto power On/Off function
  • Battery life more than 2 years
  • Comes with a fitted case


  • Costly, but it’s worth the money

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Rexbeti Digital Micrometer

Rexbeti Digital Micrometer permits you to measure down to 0.00005″ with ±0.0001″ accuracy. The micrometer’s resolution is great, and the accuracy is good too.

Rexbeti Digital Micrometer


There are three keys. The O/ABS (Origin/Absolute) key functions toward zeroing the Micrometer on any point. Unit/Set functions to change the reading either toward mm or inch. And the last switch, On/Off, functions to turn on plus off. Easily save battery life by turning it off while not required.

As you might see, it is a ratchet thimble. It permits you to use it without the stand. So, it is appropriate to carry around. Like other micrometers, it is made with carbide tipped on the anvil measuring faces for more sturdy and wear and dust resistance. It moreover decreases errors.

The brand claims that they could reach ±0.002 mm (metric system) of accuracy when it comes to precision. It is a great alternative if you do not need a significant precise digital micrometer.

After you take this top digital Micrometer out of its protective case, you will get accurate results when you turn it on. With a very detailed accuracy level, you must trust this Micrometer to handle delicate measurements.

On top of that, your results would come in at least 3 decimal points. A ratchet-style stop is built in to make certain your adjustments go easily and accurately. With plastic components handle turning the measuring rod would not be that complex. It will not get bogged down by rust or erosion.

In addition, the Micrometer delivers top results between 0 and 1-inch measurements. Those results could be seen in both metric and standard units. The big numbers on the digital display make certain there are no errors in transferring measurements to paper, etc.


  • Affordable micrometer
  • Accuracy +/- 0.0001″
  • It is easy to use a ratchet thimble
  • 2 measuring modes: inch/metric
  • Higher precision
  • Large LCD display
  • Comes with a hard protective case
  • Easy to carry around and use
  • Extra battery & user manual included


  • No manual reading

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iGaging 0-3″ Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer Set

Are you seeking a digital micrometer that is precise and durable? Look no more. iGaging 0-1″ Digital Electronic Micrometer is a faultless choice for you. The unit meets and surpasses all the federal precision standards.

iGaging 0-3" Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer Set


The iGaging Micrometer has a toughened and ground spindle with carbide anvil that ensures high accuracy as well as hard-wearing. It delivers two measuring modes in metric and standard. You will get accurate readings from the large LCD screen.

The digital micrometer offers a precision of +/-0.00016″ and a wide measuring range of 0-1″/0-25mm (millimeter units). Furthermore, the gadget provides a resolution of 0.00005″/0.001mm. The large LCD is clear, crisp, and easy to read. The measuring tool has a case with an adjustment wrench, ball attachment, user manual, and an extra battery.

With 3 diverse micrometer options, you could measure from 0-1″, 1-2″, and 2-3″ that all comprise an LCD screen. All the measuring sizes are calibrated as well as have measuring modes that are standard and metric.

With a precision measurement inside .00016″, you could expect this iGaging Micrometer to be up for the job. This high-precision tool uses a crisp and clear reading that is sturdy enough to withstand the severest of atmospheres.

Also, a direct USB output is accessible if you ever need to save measurements from recalling them for later.


  • The micrometer is hard-wearing
  • A resolution of 0.00005″
  • It is easily transportable due to its lightweight design
  • Direct USB cable and SPC output accessible
  • It has a carrying case
  • Large LCD screen
  • Comes with an adjustment wrench, ball attachment, & extra battery


  • The lock seems to have some problems

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Mitutoyo 293-348-30 Digimatic Micrometer, IP65, 0-1″

Currently, Mitutoyo is the topmost brand to go to purchasing a precision measuring tool, particularly micrometers. You cannot go wrong with their high degree of precision and quality products.

Mitutoyo 293-348-30 Digimatic Micrometer, IP65, 0-1"


Mitutoyo 293-348-30 Digimatic Micrometer is one of the greatest options of Mitutoyo micrometer products you have to consider truly. It feels weighty and solid in hand as well as the thimble spins smoothly. More significantly, it gives a dead precision as you expect.

This compact micrometer delivers a resolution of 0.00005″ (0.001mm). This number might not surprise you. The precision of ±0.00005″ also gives you a high accuracy measurement. As Mitutoyo manufactures it, it is easy to trust their statement.

Compared to Mitutoyo 293-340-30 digital micrometer, this Mitutoyo 293-348-30 digital micrometer does not come with a ratchet. The thimble acts dual, as a thimble and a ratchet. It would slip when it is tight and permit you to operate with a single hand even though your hand is small.

Another great thing is the IP65 rating. We know that small dust particles could enter the tool, and water can enter the electronic board. As the system’s heart processes the measurement to the display, small interference could give a false reading. Mitutoyo 293-348-30 micrometer is guaranteed to be capable of resisting dust and water for a couple of numerous minutes before they truly enter into it.


  • Accurate measurement guaranteed
  • Has a resolution of 0.00005″ and precision of ±0.00005″
  • Measurement system: inch/metric
  • Feels heavy as well as smooth operation
  • Single hand operation is possible
  • IP65 Rating; water-resistant and dust-resistant


  • Bit Expensive

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Anytime Tools 1″ Digital Outside Micrometer Digit Counter Carbide Tips 0.0001″

Looking for a digital micrometer between 0 and 1″? Then, you would prefer this Anytime Tools Outside Micrometer. With a 3.5″ jaw depth, you might even measure the largest rotors in the automotive world today.

Anytime Tools 1" Digital Outside Micrometer Digit Counter Carbide Tips 0.0001"


Dependent on your measurement preference, you might read metrics, fractions, or inches. The transformation system for these Micrometers works perfectly to work between measurements.

With every purchase, the package contains 2 batteries that are incorporated. Stainless steel build permits for quality structure and its long-term nature. Do not expect these digital calipers to recalibrate; however, they will stay precise as long as you require them to.

These calipers have a satisfying weight. They are robust enough to handle any wear and tear. The arms might come loose over time; however, it is an easy fix. Just tighten the screws that are linked to the holding bar.

This brand, from Anytime Tools, would not cost you an arm and a leg. However, you will not be purchasing something that would break down inside the first year. This is definitely a quality product.


  • Comes with a replacement battery
  • It has a hard oil-resistant plastic components case with a foam insert
  • Perfect for brake measurements
  • Necessary for any mechanic and machine shops
  • No deflection through measuring
  • Great to keep in your car while you are on the road


  • Not as consistent as you would like

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VINCA DMCA-0105 Digital Outside Micrometer with Carbide Tip

Another great digital micrometer is Vinca DMCA 0105. This one is a great choice because of its friendly price and numerous functionalities that a digital micrometer should have.

VINCA DMCA-0105 Digital Outside Micrometer with Carbide Tip


Like Mitutoyo micrometer, VInca DMCA micrometer comes with a manual scale that permits you to keep measuring in even if it is rapidly out of power. Though, the manual scale is in inches only. You have to purchase a new LR44 battery to turn it on again and convert it to mm.

Other points that we like from this measuring tool are its large LCD display (1.25″ x 0.5″) and several buttons that support functions, such as unit conversion, tolerance setting, data hold, and relative/absolute mode. These functions would give you a great experience while operating it.

It has a 0.00005″/0.001mm (metric systems) resolution for accuracy, which is outstanding. However, compared to Mitutoyo 293-348-30, the accuracy is slightly lower, only delivers ±0.002mm. Despite being lower, it is reasonable because of the affordable price.

So far, according to most clients, this tool measures steadily. However, we do not see any comment that said it is as smooth as Mitutoyo. If you are on a budget and seeking an affordable one, this is a suggested choice.

The hard carbide tip measures precise and accurate measurement. It has wear resistance, ratchet thimble, and fixed thimble applies the invariable pressure on the item that is being measured. The ratchet thimble has a locking screw.

The satin chrome finish is dirt and rust-resistant as well as gives no glare. Also, the LCD screen provides the closest reading to the thousandth decimal point.

The micrometer features Data hold, Tolerance setting absolute/Relative measuring function. The red-colored micrometer is hardened steel made as well as is very durable.

This meter comes with a pack of batteries for replacement, a one-year warranty, one adjustable wrench, and a user manual.


  • Manual scale available
  • It is affordable
  • Large LCD display as well as a lot of buttons
  • It takes outside measurements
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Comes with a plastic case
  • Industrial standard, lightweight, no added cost
  • Repeated measurements pointless
  • Flat, satin chrome anvil, stainless steel, and spindle


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Accusize Industrial Tools 7-Key Electronic Digital Micrometer

Another outstanding invention for engineers is the Accusize Industrial Tools Digital MIcrometer. They could measure even in small spaces with a resolution of 0.001 mm and a measuring range of 50-75 mm/ 2-3″.

Accusize Industrial Tools 7-Key Electronic Digital Micrometer


They moreover have large LCDs that allow users to read and record precise readings at a glance. What makes them supreme is their automatic competencies to switch on and off. Sliding the rail automatically controls the micrometer.

Instead, the device switches off automatically afterward a few minutes of idleness. Consequently, we have not had a micrometer that there is no requirement to re-zero before using.

Though, Accusize Industrial Tools Digital Micrometer does the unthinkable. They boast a complete floating zero feature to allow you to use them recurrently without re-zeroing.

Nevertheless, Accu size Industrial Tools features absolute, relative, hold buttons, and tolerance modes, measuring modes to offer efficient and accurate results. Users could switch between measurements and offer precise readings in millimeters as well as inches units.


  • Outstanding ratcheting knob
  • Auto on/off capabilities
  • Measuring range 0-1″ and resolution 0.001 mm
  • It has an Outstanding display
  • Repeated measurements


  • Have a few tricky controls

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Fowler Xtra-Value II Digital Micrometer

Today, Fowler is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality examination and balancing equipment. Throughout its history, we’ve been committed to providing the most cutting-edge items on the market.

Fowler Xtra-Value II Digital Micrometer


With a flat anvil-spindle combination for general-purpose measurements, the Fowler Xtra-Value II Digital Micrometer features a 0-1/0-25mm measurement range. Electronic indicators, calipers, bore gages and micrometers are only some of Fowler’s high-quality inspection and measuring tools. The company, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Canton, MA.

The 0.00005″/0.001mm precision and 0.00016″/0.004mm precision account for different reading and accurate results. Measurement precision is ensured by the extended life and high resistance to abrasion of the carbide measurement faces, as well as by the employment of a ratchet thimble.

Endurance and wear resistance are provided by an enamel coating in glossy black and gray shades. Depending on the micrometer’s settings, it can take either absolute or progressive readings.

Carbide-tipped measurement faces and a smooth anvil and spindle are the features found on the general-purpose micrometer gauge.

Fowler Xtra-Value II Digital Micrometer has 0-1″/0-25mm measuring range with an accuracy of 0.00016″/0.004mm; ratchet thimble for smooth operation, and is suited for one-handed use.

With a big LCD display, the digital micrometer is able to conduct direct inch/metric measurements, and it has an IP54 rating for dust and moisture safety. The measurements may be exported to a computer via the RS-232 output of the digital micrometer.

It’s meant to help you keep a close eye on the integrity of your work at all stages. The ergonomically designed Fowler Xtra-Value II Digital Micrometer, made with industry-leading materials and technology, ensures maximum user convenience and comfort.


  • Carbide-tipped measurement faces
  • Smooth anvil and spindle
  • 0-1″/0-25mm measuring range with an accuracy of 0.00016″/0.004mm
  • Made with industry-leading materials andtechnology


  • Some products come with defects

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Buying Guide: How to Cherry-pick The Best Digital Micrometer

After providing you with the finest digital micrometers in the marketplace, let’s provide you with a professional purchasing guide. When purchasing a digital meter that will suit your requirements, it becomes tough to decide from numerous products.

However, there are vital features to consider while shopping for a precise digital micrometer. Check out the factors below.


Choose The Correct Kind

There are three kinds of micrometers: inside, outside, and depth micrometers. Each of them is designed for diverse tasks. These are the dimension they could measure:

Outside Micrometer: Outside length, thickness, outside width, as well as outside diameter.

Inside Micrometer: Inside width, inside length, and inside diameter.

Depth Micrometers: Depth measurement.

The very first stage you have to take is to describe the dimension you are going to measure. Since Micrometer is not similar to the caliper, a kind dimension could only be measured by a definite micrometer.


Select the Accurate Anvil

Select the suitable anvil for the application you are facing. Also, the most normally used flat anvil, there are tons of shapes available. For instance, dealing with a wall neck cartridge (tube wall width) is incredible with an ordinary outside micrometer. An anvil that is designed standing upright to the spindle is great to apply.

Furthermore, a special anvil is required to measure a piece of paper. The measuring faces must be designed not to press the paper too constricted. Moreover, the spindle should move without revolving.


Measuring Range

Like the vernier calipers, micrometers offer a greater range of measurement, only shorter. The most usually used is a 1-inch range. Though, there are essentially other ranges typically for machinery works: 0-1″, 1-2″, 2-3″, 3-4″, 4-5″, and 5-6″ as well as even up to 12″.

You might perform with another measuring tool first, such as a ruler or tape measure, to approximately estimate the length; then, use the micrometer to measure further. For instance, the scale reading with ruler displays it is more than 2″, to measure precisely and accurately, use the 2-3″ ranged Micrometer.


The Accuracy, Resolution, and Precision

In metrology, the science of measurement, there are three constituents of measurement: Accuracy, Resolution, and Precision.

Resolution is the lowest value/number of a specific measuring tool that could read. The smaller it is, the better it is. A typical standard of digital micrometer nowadays has to deliver more than 0.01 mm resolution. If not, then you are better off purchasing a digital caliper.

Accuracy is the state of uniformity among the measurement result of your industrial tools and the real value. The version of 1 inch of your micrometer has to be precisely the same as the 1 inch established by international. The term of accuracy furthermore refers to how small the ambiguity of measurement is. There would be an error that you could not detect. That error is named uncertainty. The lesser it is, the better.

Precision is how constant your micrometer creates value from numerous repeated measurements. You repeat the measurement up to 20 times, and the reading shows value “5” all the time; then, you can be certain that it is consistent.

The combination of these three constituents builds a high-quality, precise measuring tool.


Traceable to NIST

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is a national institution in the United States that runs standard measurement development and other related works.

When purchasing a micrometer, there might be a chance to request the NIST certificate. It is the means to calibrate your micrometer beforehand it is delivered to your house. However, it might cost you additional money.

However, a great micrometer usually comes with a calibration certificate from the company labs. For instance— Mitutoyo. When you purchase a Mitutoyo micrometer, you might see the calibration certificate that comes with it. It is not from NIST though, it is from Mitutoyo. The certificate from Mitutoyo should be outstanding for conditions that do not need a NIST certificate.


IP Rating (Ingress Protection)

IP rating stands for Ingress Protection. It is the rating to state how protected an item is from dust and water access.

Not all micrometers meet the IP rating check. Though, a typical digital micrometer would satisfy this condition. An IP-rated micrometer is significant when measuring in a severe environment: water can be abruptly splashed on the micrometer; the tool can be dropped into a water vessel.

Furthermore, a hidden fault can happen to owe to the entrance of dust. As the dust enters, even a small interference could make a significant imprecision. An IP-rated micrometer is important for highly precise measurements.


Size Widths

Start by determining the kind of material you want to measure and how often you will use the Micrometer. Knowing this would allow you to recognize the width range sizes of a micrometer that you require.

Smaller items are appropriate for micrometers by a size width of 0-4 inches. Instead, a digital micrometer with a size thickness of 1-4 inches can work better for you when measuring a bigger material.


Knowing Tolerance Levels

When you choose to purchase a digital micrometer, one of the things that you need is the precision of the results while measuring. Henceforth, you require to understand that your Micrometer’s tolerance levels play a vibrant role in confirming high accuracy.

You should check the tolerance levels to measure even the small measurements ranging from thousandths and a hundred thousandths.

When this info is with you earlier, you will not waste any time and effort searching for the greatest micrometer set. Though, get prepared to spend additional coins to get such micrometers.


Digital Screens

Confirm that your federal Micrometer is using a digital screen while reading measurements. Digital screens deliver the most precise results as related to the standard options. Measurement accuracy readings display on a large LCD screen and are very precise and clear.



Numerous manufacturers design digital micrometer sets. All these manufacturers have built the top micrometers brands in a proposal to compete comparatively in the market.

Confirm that you purchase micrometers that are from trustworthy brands by reading the client ratings of the products. Here, you would get a digital micrometer review of how precise micrometers work and their pros and cons.

After being equipped with this info, you could make an informed purchasing decision.


Ease of Use

If you are not a mechanic but need a micrometer for your use, confirm you read the maker’s user manual for easy operation. Many of these products are easy to function since they are digitalized to produce the most precise results.



Your micrometer must serve you for a long time if you spend good money on it. For that matter, check your digital micrometer’s sturdiness before you choose to give out your money.

Sometimes sturdiness is not stated in the products, but you can check features like the ingredients used to predict. An IP65 micrometer is the strongest micrometer; hence you should check this out before purchasing.

Do not hesitate to pay more if that is what it takes to purchase a long-term digital micrometer.



You cannot evade this factor while you go out to shop for any budget micrometer. With the diversity of digital micrometers found in the marketplace, some differences in their price tags are unavoidable.

To get a top-quality micrometer worth your cash, you must look at factors similar to the quality of the materials used. Digital micrometers prepared of high-quality materials cost comparatively higher than those with low-quality ingredients.

Ensure you purchase a micrometer that could fulfill all your requirements and still costs relatively less. However, if it costs high and can serve you well, there is no excuse to not purchase it.



Prices of digital micrometers differ from one model to the other. Most people generalize that costly options make the greatest options worth investing in. It’s not true.

Though, several reasonable options offer accurate readings and precise measurements. Our digital micrometers review delivers suggested choices worth considering. Also, we hope that the buying guide helps you when you’re making the final decision.

You can write to us and send ideas (data protected by our privacy policy). Write us about your experience in the quest of finding the ideal digital micrometer.



Are Clockwise Tools a good measurement tools brand?

Ans: Clockwise Tools has been producing tools for more than three decades.

How accurate are digital micrometers?

Ans: A digital micrometer generally offers an accuracy of +/-0.0001″ and a wide range of 0-1″/0-25mm. Moreover, the gadget provides a resolution of 0.00005″/0.001mm (metric units). The large LCD is crisp, clear, as well as easy to read.

How do you correct a zero position error in a micrometer?

Ans: Positive zero position-error correction is done by subtracting the positive zero-error from the genuine reading. Negative zero-error correction is done by adding the negative zero-error from the real reading.

What are three kinds of micrometers?

Ans: Usually, there are three kinds of micrometers traditionally used, the inside micrometer (for internal measurement), the outside micrometer caliper (counting the screw thread micrometer), and the depth micrometer.

What is a Carbide-tipped anvil?

Ans: Carbide-tipped measuring faces anvil is truly the anvil that its measuring faces are coated with carbide material. Not only the anvil, however, but some other micrometers also have their spindle tip coated with carbide material. Even carbide-tipped are on both the anvil and the spindle.

What is a super micrometer?

Ans: The Universal Super Micrometer signifies an evolutionary leap forward in what several users consider the decisive bench micrometer. It offers the benefit of two precision measuring instruments in one by providing the capability to measure both external and internal parts, gages, and standards.

What is friction thimble?

Ans: Friction thimble allows more positive repeatability than the jackhammer action produced by the ratchet. Digital micrometers are usually supplied with a friction device since the fine resolutions of 0.00005 inches are delicate to the ratcheting action.

What is the most accurate Micrometer?

Ans: Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Micrometer. Accuracy: ±0.001 mm (metric units), Resolution: 0.00005″, Range: 0-1″.

When do I use a micrometer instead of a digital caliper?

Ans: Micrometers could only be used for taking measurements. On the other hand, the digital calipers can frequently be used to make diverse measurements and have four measuring modes (outer dimensions, inner dimensions, measure depths), while micrometers are typically singular-task tools.

Which digital micrometer should I buy?

Ans: We certainly recommend Mitutoyo 293-340-30 digital micrometer as one of the finest micrometers generally compared to other digital micrometers. It’s worth every penny. You might request the NIST credential as well. For manufacturing quality, you might feel it by its unbelievable smooth rotating thimble. Further, it meets the IP65 rating for water and dust protection which keeps long-lasting precision. If you want a mechanical micrometer, you might choose Mitutoyo 101-113 as it has a great resolution and high accuracy.

Which is more accurate— a micrometer or a digital caliper?

Ans: In terms of resolution, a micrometer is better than a caliper. Several people use a digital caliper first to check a definite dimension (thickness, diameter, etc.), then switch to a micrometer if additional accurate measurements are required. Today’s digital micrometers have a diversity of resolutions, for example, 0.0001″, 0.00005″, and even 0.1 μm.

Why is a micrometer highly accurate?

Ans: Micrometers use the screw to convert small distances (too small to measure directly) into big rotations of the screw that are big sufficient to read from a vernier scale. The accuracy of a micrometer originates from the precision of the thread forms. That is central to the core of its design.

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