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The best Vernier caliper has the upper hand over all the measuring units when it comes to taking measurements. Whether you are doing a home project or are a professional mechanical engineer, some works need very specific measurements to be taken. Errors with these measurements could lead to parts not fitting properly, not moving appropriately, or even the finished project being risky.

A Vernier caliper is the finest way to achieve an accuracy range when dealing with small measurements. However, with so many makers and models of the dial calipers and digital calipers, it can be hard to find where to start looking for the caliper that fits your requirements.

Our panel of tool specialists has compiled a list of the 10 Vernier calipers to get you started.


Reviews of Best Vernier Caliper: Our Top 11 Picks

A Vernier caliper will aid you a lot in work that needs a high accuracy measurement. For that cause, we have already prepared a list of the top Vernier caliper brands. These products have the highest performance and top features. Having them in your toolbox would become a great investment for your work.


Mitutoyo 532-119 Vernier Caliper with Fine Adjustment

When it comes to excellent and precise accuracy measuring tools, you might think of Mitutoyo’s products first. Similarly, while finding the vernier calipers, it is not strange to prefer Mitutoyo vernier caliper first.

Mitutoyo 532-119 Vernier Caliper with Fine Adjustment- Best Vernier Caliper


Mitutoyo 532-119 Vernier Caliper with fine adjustment is what we discover worth sharing to be a high-quality vernier caliper generally. It’s a complete accuracy measuring tool that delivers quality, dual reading, great specification, outstanding construction, and acceptable adjustment carriage.

It has a 0-5″ range, 0.001″/0.02 mm resolution, as well as ±0.03 mm accuracy. The hardened stainless steel material is worthy as erosion-resistant. Amazingly, there are no screws that connect the vernier scale as well as the sliding jaws. That means they are one combined body. It is a great structure.

What makes this Fine Adjustment Caliper better than the others is it’s fine-tuning. This feature is very significant in decreasing errors throughout the measurement. It allows steady pressure on the object being measured. Over pressing or else too weak pressing would lead to uncertain size. This feature, in turn, provides you more confidence in the appropriate measurement.


  • It is made of durable stainless steel
  • It has a great specification
  • It comes with fine adjustment for unfailing measurement
  • The price of the caliper is reasonable
  • The caliper has Excellent built quality.
  • It has metric units and Imperial scaling, useful everywhere in the world.
  • Advanced onsite sensor electromagnetic inductive sensor for oil, water, and dust resistance


  • It has no hard case

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MOOCK MK-DC-01 0-6 inches Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

If you seek a high-quality product that promises you long-term durability and performance, we would like to introduce the MOOCK Digital Caliper. The level of convenience this device has is so high that even a 13-year old could use it easily.

MOOCK MK-DC-01 0-6 inches Stainless Steel Digital Caliper


It seems like a user-friendly device that is fairly good at gauging internal/external actual dimension, depth, steps, and dia. The main advantage of the MOOCK caliper is that it features an automatic power-off feature. In brief, the caliper automatically shuts down afterward 5 minutes of inactivity.

Nonetheless, the foremost cause why this product had our attention is how rapidly it can transform the measurement readings into numerous units such as mm, inches, and fraction. It needs a single click to access the deets as per our expediency.

Also, after you are done, you could simply reset it to zero and start a new measurement without going over all the hassle. Another benefit of the Mitutoyo unit is that it comes with a strong shock-resistant case for safety.


  • It can measure internal/external dimensions
  • The caliper has an automatic shutdown feature
  • There is a strong case for protection
  • It displays readings in inches, mm, and fractions


  • It has Poor battery life

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REXBETI 6-Inch Digital Caliper

If you are seeking a highly accurate digital caliper, then straight away, the Rexbeti digital caliper stands out. Rexbeti has furthermore taken care of its design procedure with its stainless steel body, making it dust resistance and water-resistant to a definite extent. 

REXBETI 6-Inch Digital Caliper


This measuring tool offers you precise results inside 0.0005 inches. Though the standard measurements are taken on an imperial scale, they could quickly be transformed into metric units on display.

Another great feature of this tool is configuring the display to show you whatever you need, including an object’s inside and outside diameter measurement. The Rexbeti Digital Caliper is also energy efficient with an automatic on and off switch, allowing it to power down, saving the battery life while not in use.

The Rexbeti 6-Inch Digital Caliper could measure from zero to six inches. Still, they could provide those digital data in inches, millimeters, and fractions for improved precision, unlike other digital calipers. The hardened stainless steel body has a refined finish for enhanced sturdiness. The extra layer of security on its stainless steel body makes it dust-resistant and water-resistant. Plus, the IP54 rating provides you confidence that this measuring tool could stand up to grime, dirt, and water exposure.

As is standard with vernier calipers, you could take inside, external, and depth measurements. You will like that you are guaranteed to have measurements that are inside 0.001 inches of precision. The big digital readout is convenient, together with the buttons that simply switch among measurement systems; otherwise, reset to zero. Rexbeti caliper comes with a carrying case as well as an additional battery. You might not use this tool often; however, when you need it, it is trustworthy.


  • It has IP54 protection
  • The caliper is accurate to within 0.001-inch
  • It has Long-lasting battery life
  • The caliper has an auto-off feature
  • It has high accuracy
  • Easy to carry around and use
  • It made of hardened stainless steel


  • May need frequent re-zeroing

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Fowler Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper

We love the stainless steel construction of this caliper. Toughened construction was one of the stuff that convinced us to review this caliper. Unlike some steel tools that catch rust after a few months otherwise years of use, the rigid structure of Fowler Fowler Stainless Steel Dial Caliper resists erosion.

Fowler Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper


The American-made caliper features a durable spring, making it amongst the most precise models you would get in the market. The knurled thumb roller and locking screw permit you to lock the measuring jaws in place to get a proper measurement. The dial graduations are 0.01 inches. In other words, a complete circle of the pointer outcomes in 1-inch movement in the major vernier scale (0.01inches x 100). The dial caliper measures 0-6 inches which we find very appropriate for most of the applications.

We also like the fact that it features a covered rack. This property confirms that dirt and debris do not block the gear, removing the probabilities of measurement mistakes. The tool came with a one-year maker’s guarantee to show that the builder has full confidence that the product would not disappoint.


  • It is very rugged
  • The graduation marks are efficiently cut to make reading fast and accurate
  • The weight is decent
  • It is IP54 rated
  • It has an affordable price


  • The price is relatively high

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Adoric Digital Caliper with LCD Screen

If you seek the finest digital Vernier calipers for the cash, you will be fascinated by the Adoric Digital Caliper.

This caliper offers accurate measurements with four gaging modes while being one of the most reasonable digital calipers on our list. This is why we have chosen it as our best value pick.

Adoric Digital Caliper with LCD Screen


The Adoric Digital Caliper offers accurate measurements that range from 0 to 6 inches with ±0.01-inch precision. It even comes with four measurement modes that permit it to measure inside, outside, depth, and step with two jaws and probe sets. These features allow it to be very accurate.

Moreover, the Adoric Digital Caliper is easy to use. It has a 0 setting function that permits you to set 0 with the touch of a switch. It also comes with a big LCD screen and an auto-off feature.


  • Most value for money
  • The caliper is Precise
  • It has a high accuracy range
  • It includes a 0 setting function
  • Easy to use the caliper
  • It has a fine adjustment feature


  • It has an auto-off feature that might turn off the caliper throughout use
  • It is made from plastic

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VINCA DCLA-0605 Digital Vernier Caliper

Another great alternative to check out is the VINCA DCLA-0605 Digital Vernier Caliper. This alternative is made with high accuracy, high-quality, and sturdy materials, confirming an accurate reading and measurement.

VINCA DCLA-0605 Digital Vernier Caliper


The VINCA DCLA ranges from 0 to 6 inches with a precision of ±0.001 inches. The measurement range could be set in inch, metric, or fraction. Each caliper has already been entirely calibrated beforehand, though no calibration certificate is incorporated with the model.

Moreover, this VINCA product is made from excellent stainless steel, permitting this tool to be extremely durable. It makes the device appropriate for home DIY and professional uses and confirms that it should last for many years. Though, it does not connect to a regular USB cable.

This material of the VINCA DCLA-0605 is robust, but it also has a smooth finish that seems good and makes the action of sliding the tool into place to take exact measurements easy. We love that no calibration is required; this is a huge advantage if you are new to digital vernier calipers. You could get precise measurements without the difficulty of calibrating the tool first.

The caliper has good construction quality and can steadily make precise measurements, making it a practical measuring tool for contractors and professionals. It, moreover, is a pretty flexible digital caliper in contrast to others on the market, permitting you to upsurge your gauging range in tight places. Furthermore, the digital display is clear and easily visible, particularly when uncomfortable, to make certain you get your measurements faultless. Lastly, this digital caliper comes with an added battery that is suitable and gives more value for your cash.


  • It is made of durable stainless steel
  • The caliper has three conversion options
  • it has high accuracy
  • It is made with stainless steel
  • The caliper is already calibrated
  • It has rs232 data transfer port


  • It does not connect to a regular USB cable

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Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper delivers three distinct measuring settings, permitting you to switch between millimeters (metric), inches (imperial), and fractions with the press of a switch. It makes comparing definite measurement scales far easier. It removes the need to do the conversions yourself, speeding up complicated jobs significantly.

Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper


Because of the 0.02mm/0.001-inch accuracy, you’ll be capable of getting much more precise measurements at a granular level, making significant repair works easier. It is aided by the extra-large LCD screen and zero-button, which help you take measurements of smaller items in uncomfortable or tight spaces. The even and carefully designed body of the caliper moreover makes its movements far smoother.

This electronic digital caliper is outstanding at taking very accurate measurements of small objects. In addition, it could display the measurements in three diverse ways, making it an exceptional tool for general-purpose maintenances and DIY work on any vernier scale.


  • The electronic digital caliper has a refined body made of smooth stainless steel
  • It has a large LCD display with large numbers
  • It has versatile measuring settings
  • Could be used both imperial and metric measurements, along with fractions.
  • It gives precise readings
  • They have a polished stainless steel frame


  • Many faced problems while zeroing the instrument

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iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6″ Digital Electronic Caliper

A common problem with digital calipers is that your measurement range could become imprecise over time if not frequently reset to zero among reading. But the iGaging Absolute Origin 0 – 6″ Digital Electronic Caliper is the best digital caliper for mechanics since it makes life easier since resetting to zero is unnecessary.

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6″ Digital Electronic Caliper


As soon as you turn on the device, the caliper is prepared to use for measurements. This device could be connected for data output; however, the cable is not included. And since it features ISO-licensed manufacturing, this precise ideal digital caliper is perfect for machinists.

This iGaging Digital Caliper is IP54 rated and offers error-free measurements to inside 0.001 inches. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy standard features such as three measuring modes (millimeters, inches, and fractions), easy measuring for external, internal, depth, and step measurements, and a carrying case. These iGaging calipers are just as convenient as the adjustable wrenches are for repair jobs.


  • It is best for machinist
  • The caliper supports IP54 water resistance
  • It has .001″ accuracy
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • It has Long-lasting battery life


  • USB cable sold separately

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MeasuGator Silverine Digital Caliper

With the several options for the best digital calipers, sometimes, it is tough for some brands to stand out. However, the best thing to do is deliver the foundational and basic function with some comprehensible features. So that is what MeasuGator Silverine Digital Caliper did.

MeasuGator Silverine Digital Caliper


You would get a no-frills and straight-to-the-point device for specific measurements with a resolution of 0.001 inches, otherwise 0.02 millimeters.

It has the basic purpose of measuring objects’ outside and inside diameter and the depth and step of the object.

The caliper has high-speed reading, so you do not need to concern about lags before measuring. It moreover has a wide LCD display so you can easily see your measurement.

Along with the digital caliper, you would also get a feeler gauge and additional batteries in the package. It moreover has a set locking screw for your convenience if you want to retain your initial measurement. Then for precision, it has a thumb roller for augmented control.

Its design is classic and would not leave a bad taste. The pleasant contrast of the stainless steel design over the other materials would make you want to use this continuously, every day.


  • It has a big LCD display
  • Comes with a bonus feeler depth gauge
  • It has a strong stainless steel build
  • The caliper has a Classic design
  • The package includes 3 extra batteries and a manual sheet


  • There is no fraction display option

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Hornady Digital Caliper

With a huge range of applications, the digital caliper by Hornady is versatile enough to handle small and big measurements with the same precision.

Hornady Digital Caliper


You could use this device for professional work, along with DIY otherwise construction work. The digital display of this tool is constructed into its external measuring jaws.

A control system features three buttons, and it could be activated with just one hand, making it perfect for long-term usage.

The measuring modes range to 6 inches. It maintains a similar accuracy and calibration at the lower and the upper extreme of its measuring range. The design is very easy to use plus very straightforward to function, making it an effective tool for proficient use. You could also measure in metric units in addition to imperial systems with this device.


  • It is extremely accurate
  • Very easy to use
  • It Uses metric and imperial measurements
  • Very sensitive system


  • It Does not offer IP54 protection

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Starrett 125MEA-6/150 Vernier Caliper

This company manufactures everything from fine measurement tools to saw blades and from simple handheld instruments up till high-tech computerized inspection apparatus. They produce a wide range of goods and are well-known for the high quality of their work.

Starrett 125MEA-6/150 Vernier Caliper


However, while Starrett is based in the United States, it has auxiliary sites in Mexico, Scotland and Brazil as well as one in China. Some people claim that Starrett’s quality has suffered as a result of the satellite facilities, although the company maintains strong quality control, and its tools are still of high quality.

Using the Starrett 125MEA-6/150 Vernier Caliper, you can achieve exact calculations in the most challenging situations. Starrett 125MEA-6/150 Vernier Caliper is a novel twist on the caliper. Digital calipers require batteries, but these don’t, and they also don’t have delicate gear systems that may be damaged. Their dimensions are read by matching up the lines on two rulers.

Despite their apparent superiority as a caliper, their do have a few drawbacks. For starters, they may be difficult to understand for certain readers. Reading the measures can be tricky for both visual and non-visual readers alike.

There is a robust case included with the Starrett 125MEA-6/150 Vernier Caliper, which makes it easy to store. If you’re looking for anything that can assess up to 6″ or 150 mm, this is it. This measurement device’s reinforced stainless-steel structure makes it both long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. For precise measurements on the exterior, interior, depths, and stepping measurements you can use this device. When it comes to acquiring accurate measurements for your activities, this Starrett 125MEA Vernier Caliper is a must-have.


  • Top Quality products
  • No Batteries required
  • Can measure precise readings
  • Storage Case Included


  • Price may become an issue

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Best Vernier Caliper Buying Guide

If you are buying a pair (for yourself or for work purposes), it is good to know which features and elements you would focus on first. When purchasing the first caliper, you frequently leave yourself with a cheap product. You could even end up with one that is outright unsuited to the job you require it for.

So, here are considerations you need to pay attention to-

Measurement Accuracy

Every instrument processes a definite level of accuracy while measuring internal and external dimensions. This precision is represented in millimeters.

The lower accuracy range offers highly precise positioning. The ratings are essentially an indication of how much deviation is likely in the outcomes. For instance, if the precision of a caliper is 0.04 mm, there is a chance that the displayed results could either be 0.04 mm ahead or behind the true value.


Measurement Range

The second issue to consider before choosing a digital caliper is the measurement readings range. The measurement range would tell you this scale of the caliper. You need to consider the measurement range because you do not want to buy a caliper with a smaller range than the work you are trying to measure.


Certificate Calibration and NIST Traceability

Suppose you want evidence that your vernier caliper is precise as defined in its specification. In that case, you need to calibrate it using a trustworthy calibration process. In this case, you might use a vernier caliper calibration that is ISO 17025 credited. The outcome of calibration is documentation that is named certificate calibration.


Build Material

Is the caliper built with steel, stainless steel, or hardened stainless steel? You are better off selecting the stainless one rather than the steel.

The stainless steel is erosion-resistant except for the lower grades. It is hard to know the material quality. Many corporations only explain the material without an additional description of what stainless steel grade they are using. To solve this, you might read the client reviews whether the caliper is easy to corrode or not.


Integrated Body

A superior vernier caliper will have the sliding jaws and scale face incorporated as a single body. This structure design is meant for precision. The lower-quality structure uses screws to hold the vernier scale on the sliding jaws.

When the screws are the joiner, the chance of deviation while you shake is genuine. This, ultimately, generates imprecise measurement. The most common and easiest case is while you zero the caliper. Even though both the external and internal jaws have fastened each other, you do not see zero reading.



Visibility is significant in the Vernier caliper since we take the reading manually. The chance of parallax error is high.

You have to get the vernier scale that is etched rather than printed. The etched scale would last longer and not easily fade out associated with the printed one.

Along with the visibility, you have to ponder the numbers’ actual dimension. Some people who have poor vision might find it hard to see the numbers.


Measurement Units

If you observe numerous digital calipers, you can see that a few options deliver higher versatility than others. This versatility could be monitored via the measuring units accessible with the caliper. Typically, inches are the ideal unit of measurement among the users. Some critical measurements require millimeters or even fractions units for measurement.



The warranty period is a great method to get an idea about the sturdiness of the digital caliper. If the vernier caliper is extremely reliable, you will find a longer warranty period.

As the vernier calipers are handheld tools, you need to be very cautious with the instrument. Besides, there is a high chance of water along with dust-related damage to the display. To guarantee the consistency of the display, take a closer look at the IP score given by the builder.



The next issue to consider while purchasing a digital caliper or a dial caliper is its robustness. The durability will confirm that your tool lasts over many years and uses. Most importantly, your caliper would be made of metal. It ensures that it can withstand falls.

Like all metal tools, though, metal calipers are subjected to ecological problems such as rust. Make certain to clean your caliper often to stop it from rusting. More so, water damage could affect the digital display of the caliper grade. Look for calipers with Ingress Protection (IP) score and a good general build to confirm that water does not damage the instrument.


Battery Life

As you perhaps understood from our product reviews, the battery life of a digital caliper is extremely significant. You must consider the battery life of your digital caliper before purchasing it. Best Digital calipers are useful owing to their digital screen, but these screens need batteries. If the batteries die, the caliper will essentially be useless.



The function you intend to use the caliper for is a factor determining a perfect brand. For instance, there are Special Calipers, General Purpose Calipers (GP Calipers), and Improved GP Calipers. GP Calipers do not have improved accurate data while Special Calipers work efficiently in the special measuring systems.


IP54 Protection Certificate

IP testing is a third-party certification procedure that authenticates the ecological resilience of electronic constituents. The first number afterward “IP,” represents the item’s level of safety against solids, and the second number signifies the tool’s level of moisture resistance. For a digital caliper, the industry standard is IP54. The “5” means it could resist dust, while the “4” indicates it could withstand water splashes. If your digital calipers would experience harsh circumstances, especially outdoor atmospheres, seek an IP54 protection certificate.



The most significant stuff to consider for selecting a Vernier caliper is precision. After that, you need to look at the product’s sturdiness. If a vernier caliper has those two, that is the sign of a top-quality vernier caliper. Even if it is a little costlier, the smarter thing to do is to give up a little more money for an item that would last longer than to waste some money on a piece of junk that would break down after a month of use.

The Vernier caliper you could get will certainly contain a vernier scale, an extra scale beside the main scale.

So we wish you good luck in your search, and we hope that we have aided you with it!



How do you read a Vernier caliper example?

Ans: The main scale on a vernier caliper usually defines the whole number and the first decimal. Read this reading just as you read a ruler, gauging to the zero marks on the sliding Vernier scale. For instance, if the 0 on the sliding scale lines up with the 2-inch mark, your measurement is 2 inches.

Is Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Electronic Digital Caliper good?

Ans: Clockwise Tools DCLR IP54 Digital Caliper is a higher-quality digital caliper endorsed for DIY jobs and professional use.

Is EAGems Digital Caliper any good?

Ans: After researching the digital caliper from EAGems, we could say that it is an ideal option for those who have simple expectations and a small budget. Though it isn’t the most efficient digital caliper you will find in the market, it offers decent performance and lasts several years.

What are the 3 styles of caliper design?

Ans: Vernier Calipers come in numerous configurations; however, there are three common styles. Vernier, Dial as well as Electronic. These three kinds are similar in structure and general appearance but differ in function and ease of use.

What is the difference between inside and outside caliper?

Ans: Outside calipers measure depths and outside dia of objects; inside calipers measure hole diameters and distances between surfaces.

What is the finest Vernier caliper?

Ans: iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-8″ Digital Caliper. For the highest quality constituents and accuracy, these ABSOLUTE ORIGIN digital calipers from iGaging are a must. Precise up to 0.001 inches, the unit comes with a calibration credential that guarantees precision right out of the box.

What is the formula of the Vernier Caliper?

Ans: The least count of a Vernier scale is calculated using the following formula,

Least count = Smallest reading on main scale/Number of divisions on Vernier scale

Therefore, the least count for Vernier Calipers is 0.1mm

What is the standard accuracy of most Vernier calipers?

Ans: 0.01 mm. Vernier calipers normally used in the industry provide a precision to 0.01 mm (10 micrometers), or one-thousandth of an inch. They are accessible in sizes that could measure up to 1828 mm (72 inches).

What kind of calipers is the most accurate?

Ans: Digital calipers could take highly precise measurements (resolution of 0.0005) of an object’s outside diameter, inside diameter, and depth. Digital calipers could automatically change between standard and metric measurement systems, have an easy-to-read digital display, and a higher level of precision.

Which type of caliper is the easiest to use?

Ans: Dial calipers. These calipers are comparatively easy to use: they have a lined dial that displays the measurement. All you need to do is add the slide measurement to have the precise and final measurement.

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