Hornady Digital Caliper Review: The Best Digital Caliper Offering the Ultimate Balance between Performance and Quality

Hornady Digital Caliper Review

Whatever your occupation, whether you’re an ordinary homeowner who’s interested in renovations or a mechanical engineer, you can’t dispute those accurate measurements are required for various activities. If you take even a single inaccurate measurement by accident, it might jeopardize the fitting of parts and the overall quality of the project. This is why you require a digital caliper, which is a fantastic tool that comes in helpful for making small, exact measurements.

A digital caliper is more convenient and quicker to operate than a vernier caliper or a dial caliper. All you need to do is reading the figures displayed on the LCD panel. Furthermore, you can instantly convert the reading into inches or millimeters using a digital caliper, depending on your preference. Some digital calipers can retain their zero position even after they have been turned off.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Hornady Digital Caliper, which is considered one of the most accurate digital calipers available on the market. It is a much-needed piece of equipment that ensures the highest level of precision in work. Brand Hornady is dependable, and many people have expressed their satisfaction with and recommendations for it.



“Ten bullets through one hole” is the idea that has guided Hornady Manufacturing from its humble beginnings as a two-man company in 1949 to its current position as a world-leading innovative company in bullet design, ammunition development, reloading tool development, and accessory manufacturing.

The Hornady Digital Caliper is designed specifically for taking measurements on a small scale. However, this does not rule out the device’s ability to perform while making significantly greater measurements. There is no way to exaggerate the amount of accuracy that you would obtain from this product.

Let’s look more thoroughly at some of its most important features.

Hornady Digital Caliper Review



The accuracy of a digital caliper is the most crucial element to consider when purchasing one. Because this device is used to measure anything, you’ll want to ensure that the caliper is accurate before purchasing it. If you use an inaccurate model, you will not get the outcomes you require, which can cause disruptions to your projects.

The most straightforward method of determining the accuracy of a digital caliper is to look at its accuracy rating. In this case, the accuracy rating will appear something like this: ±0.001 inches. The more precise the model is, the lower this number will be.

The Hornady Digital Caliper delivers measurements that are exceptionally accurate to within 0.001 inches of the true measurement. Possessing precision reloading equipment and accessories like the Hornady Digital Caliper makes it possible to accurately measure case and bullet length, primer pocket depth, inner and outside diameters, overall cartridge length, and other important parameters.


Measurement Range

The measuring range of a digital caliper is the second thing to consider when making a purchase decision. This scale of the digital caliper will be determined by the measuring range. This is important because you do not want to choose a caliper whose measuring range is too short for the project you are trying to complete.

Using the Hornady Digital Caliper, you can measure distances up to 6 inches or 160 millimeters. If you are working on a project demanding a greater range of measurements, this caliper will be insufficient for your needs.



Although you are unlikely to put your caliper through its paces, it should be rather durable. If it is dropped, for example, it should not easily bend or break apart. Providing that the impact was not too extreme in the first place, re-calibration should not be a problem. This ensures that the caliper will continue to function as intended even if it is banged, dropped, or stepped on while in operation.

The Hornady Digital Caliper is made of high-quality stainless steel that will last for years. Stainless steel is the most common material utilized in the construction of high-end digital calipers. Heavily constructed, it is water- and dust-resistant, as well as oil-resistant.


Unit Conversion

Thanks to unit conversion, inches, millimeters, and fractions can all be measured with the digital caliper. As a result of these enhancements, the caliper will be more versatile in a range of settings and jobs.

The Hornady Digital Caliper measures in both inches and millimeters. It is simple to switch between the different units on this caliper.


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LCD Screen

Because you require precise readings, a digital caliper should feature a display screen that is large enough to display the results of the measurements clearly. Because it is measurement equipment, an ideal digital caliper must clearly display the readings for the user’s benefit. In the long run, this feature will save you a significant amount of time and work.

The Hornady Digital Caliper is equipped with an extra-large LCD screen that makes reading and recording the measurement results easier. Even the decimal points are displayed on this LCD screen.


Ease of Use

Since taking thorough measurements can be time-consuming, most consumers look for calipers that are simple to operate. As a result, various features that contribute to the accuracy level of an excellent pair of digital calipers also make them easier to operate.

The Hornady Digital Caliper is simple to set up and operate. Featuring an automatic shutdown, easy zeroing, and changing between inches and millimeters, this digital measurement tool is very easy to use.

The Hornady Digital Caliper has an easy-to-use adjustment wheel, a fast repeat and measuring speed, and a knob at the top of the digital caliper that can be adjusted to lock down a reading. The adjustment wheel and knob lock are extremely important for adjusting the jaws and the ruler. Both of these parts have been designed to be as ergonomic as possible to produce high-precision results.

It also includes a robust storage container for easy transportation. The handy storage case is ideal for storing the Hornady Digital Caliper while it is not in use or for carrying it while on travel.

Battery Life

An essential consideration is the battery life of a digital caliper. Because of their digital screens, digital calipers are quite useful. Nonetheless, these screens require batteries. If the batteries fail, the caliper will be rendered completely inoperable. In order to ensure that you receive a device that will endure for many years, search for models with high battery life.

The Hornady Digital Caliper is powered by a Silver Oxide battery with a voltage of 1.55 volts. It includes a strong battery backup, which ensures that you can continue working without interruption. In addition, Hornady included an extra battery in the bundle as a bonus.

Furthermore, this digital caliper features an automatic shutoff option. Although this feature may be a little inconvenient if it turns off while you are using the caliper, it will help to extend the battery’s life.



Even though the Hornady Digital Caliper was not designed to be used as a project tool, its versatility and ability to execute a variety of tasks make it difficult to overlook. The design is extremely user-friendly, making it a highly useful tool for professional purposes.

When you consider the excellent accuracy and unit conversion, as well as the long battery life, storage case, and high-quality design, you’re getting an extremely good deal for less than $50.

Please check out our digital caliper buying guide to learn about other top-notch digital calipers on the market and how to pick the right tool for the job in your hand.


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