Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer Review: The Best Refractometer Designed for Your Convenience

Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer Review

A refractometer has many applications, whether you are a scientist or just learning to produce your own beer at home. A refractometer is a useful tool for determining the concentration of various liquids. This little instrument can take a tiny portion of liquid and measure the amount of refraction that occurs as light travels through it. In doing so, you will determine how much sugar or other compounds are contained within the liquid.

To choose the most appropriate refractometer, you must first determine why you intend to use it. Different varieties are distinguished by their distinct designs and functions. If you choose the incorrect one, you will not get accurate results.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer, which is among the most well-known refractometers on the market today. This lightweight and small pocket refractometer is useful for detecting Brix concentrations in beverages, cutting oils, fruits, and organic materials.



Since its inception in 1940, ATAGO has been researching and developing optoelectronic products, primarily refractometers. Its goods are used in industries ranging from food and beverage to petrochemicals and metalwork. It has earned the trust of consumers not only in Japan but in 154 other nations as well. With centuries of experience and technical expertise, they are always developing breakthroughs and developments following the original studies of Dr. Abbe, the pioneer of all refractometers.

When it comes to pocket refractometers, the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer is one of the greatest options available on the market. It simplifies the process of determining the amount of dissolved solids in a liquid. Due to the low maintenance requirements and the small size of the instrument’s body, this refractometer is extremely portable and convenient to use.

Let’s dive into the details!


Measurement Range and Accuracy

Is there a certain level of accuracy needed? The first step in comparing the proper refractometer to the application is to understand the range and accuracy requirements of the application in question. Depending on the sorts of samples to be measured, it is possible to provide a range in terms of either Refractive Index or percent Brix.

Because of the standards for your device and the importance of the concentration measurement, the accuracy criterion must be met. In other words, what is the possibility of encountering the highest and lowest reading values you anticipate? In addition, what is the degree of accuracy?

The Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer offers a measurement range in terms of percent Brix.  In this case, the range is between 0.0 percent to 53.0 percent Brix.

If precision is what you’re looking for, the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer is the way to go. With an accuracy of ±0.2 percent Brix, it can provide you with a decent level of precision for your measuring needs.


Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer



The world’s greatest technology is housed inside the compact body of the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer. The enclosure, panel sheet, sample stage, and other curvatures are in perfect harmony, resonating with practical beauty.

The performance that can be done with simply two buttons is the ultimate feature. The structure, which resembles the physique of a skilled boxer by reducing all unneeded accessories and chopping down to the bare requirements, allows one to carry PAL in one hand and calibrate and measure with only the thumb.


Ergonomic Design

As a result of its research into ergonomics, Atago was tenacious in its pursuit of “usability” and “simplicity.” This well-shaped Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer was produced by evolving an “elongated” optical system that was imbalanced and difficult to insert samples into at the time of its development.

While remaining committed to providing a “comfortable grip,” Atago evolved the design to become the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer that it is today, whose “user-friendliness” has been recognized by numerous awards, including the Good Design Awards and the International Design Excellence Award.

The Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer is designed to work with both hands. The design is flexible enough to support both right- and left-handed access. It provides an exceptionally comfortable fit when held in the palm of your hand.

Muscle, joint, and bone work together in the human hand to create a complicated movement. The main goal of this device was to make it as user-friendly as possible. The beauty of the golden ratio was achieved by using ergonomics as a foundation for aesthetic and external dimensions.


Temperature Compensation

Because the refractive index fluctuates with temperature, it is critical to consider the temperature control range of a refractometer while purchasing one. Some samples necessitate the use of high-temperature measurements to replicate production circumstances. Where temperatures are less stringently controlled, a lower-cost type may be more suited.

The refractive index of a liquid changes not just as a function of density but also in response to temperature. In most cases, temperature adjustment is built-in, and the refractometer will indicate the same value throughout a wide range of practical temperatures, often between 55 and 85°F (13 and 29°C).

It is a convenience that is well worth digging out because a drop or two of even boiling wort will rapidly cool within this range. This is especially useful for all-grain brewers who wish to watch the gravity of their runoff, which is normally around 170°F (77°C) in temperature.

The Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer offers temperature compensation ranging from 10 to 100 degrees Celsius, a significantly greater range than that offered by lots of its competitors.

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The Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer has a compact, translucent body similar to a remote control. On the top, there is a well for liquid samples. In the middle, there is a digital screen. And on the bottom, there are two control buttons.

Anyone can quickly understand using the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer due to its straightforward design and user-friendly interface. Simply drop the liquid sample into the hole and push the start button to begin the process. After a few seconds, the concentration of dissolved solids will be displayed on the screen.

In contrast to some other refractometers, you do not need to pay close attention to the illumination around the device in this case. Because of its user-friendly design, you may expect to see results almost immediately. You won’t have to waste time stumbling about the room looking for enough light for the refractometer to begin working.

However, the user’s manual for this device is only available in Japanese. In addition, there is very little information available on the Internet.


Lightweight Body

The Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer features a small design that allows it to be quickly tucked away in even the smallest areas. Because of this, whether you use it at home or work, you will not have to dedicate a specific space.

Furthermore, it only weighs 8.1 ounces, which is rather light compared to other competitive refractometers. You’ll be able to use it for the entire day without experiencing any aches or exhaustion.



The Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, readily available at a low cost worldwide. The batteries can be used for approximately 11,000 measurements before they need to be replaced.



Overall, the Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer is an excellent choice if you are looking for the optimum combination of functionality and convenience.

With the construction, the gadget can be carried around more easily. As a result, you can essentially take it with you everywhere you go. The accuracy, measuring range, and temperature compensation characteristics of this instrument are all exceptional in every way. Additionally, the ergonomic design allows you to hold and operate this refractometer comfortably in your hands.

Please see our in-depth buying guide for more amazing refractometer selections, as well as suggestions on how to choose the most appropriate one.


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