Teslong Dual Lens Borescope Review: The Best Borescope to Take Your Vision Deep into the Tightest Spaces

Teslong Dual Lens Borescope Review

Unless you have the perfect borescope on hand, inspecting difficult-to-reach areas will be nearly impossible to complete. It is a vital tool for inspecting inaccessible regions where you are unable to leave the inspection unattended. Borescopes are optical instruments that can be flexible, stiff or semi-rigid in their operation.

It’s also possible to use them as a portable instrument to see mold problems that aren’t visible from a distance, such as ceiling plenums, crawl spaces, and narrow areas. Furthermore, you will be able to operate this technology effortlessly and receive appropriate service throughout.

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope is a fantastic borescope that can be used as handheld, compact, and versatile inspection equipment all in one package. In this case, the dual camera lens is integrated into the edges of the primary camera, resulting in a broader field of vision.



Teslong provides the highest-quality industrial borescopes and endoscopes at the most competitive prices in the industry. In addition to their cutting-edge technology and high-quality borescopes, Teslong is extremely proud of its outstanding customer service.

For automobile repair and maintenance examination of difficult-to-reach or difficult-to-see areas or equipment, the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope is very handy. It can also be used for plumbing, building, or restoration purposes. Indoor repair and maintenance and exploration of the outdoors can also be made easy with it. If you work as a house inspector, electrician, mechanic, cable installer, or even an HVAC technician, this is an essential tool to have in your toolbox.

Intrigued? Let’s get to know this amazing device more.


The Bundle

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope is equipped with everything you’ll need to operate it comfortably and efficiently. When you receive your Teslong Dual Lens Borescope, you’ll also receive the following equipment in the package.

  • NTS300 Borescope inspection camera
  • A built-in 32GB Micro SD card
  • A 16.4ft gooseneck semi-rigid cable
  • A hook, a magnet, and a mirror.
  • A strong and durable protective case
  • A USB cord
  • An instruction manual

Teslong Dual Lens Borescope



Metal reinforcement is used to construct the body of the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope. It is drop-resistant, rainproof, and suited for use in any outdoor environment. The stainless-steel cover and overall reinforced constructions assure stability when subjected to a heavy workload. Furthermore, users can effortlessly operate all keys with one hand, thanks to the ergonomic and durable design. The flexible handle also adds excellent comfort.


Dual Camera Lens

Borescopes with a larger diameter are brighter and typically have better resolutions than those with a smaller diameter. Small diameter borescopes are often more expensive than larger diameter borescopes, owing to technological limitations and the high expense of producing high-quality images with small cameras.

The focus of certain cameras is calibrated to look at items that are closer up. In contrast, the focus of others is calibrated to look at objects that are farther away and with a higher depth of field to examine a bigger area.

A second high-definition inspection camera is integrated into the side of the main camera on the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope, allowing for a broader field of vision. For a total of 140 degrees of view, you can effortlessly swap between two 70-degree cameras, allowing you to look both sideways and ahead. For the sharpest image, the focal length is set between 1-4inch (3-10cm).

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope offers video capturing resolution of 1280×720 and 1920×1080 pixels, image capturing resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and camera resolution of 1280×720 pixels.



The most crucial item to consider when purchasing a borescope is which devices it will be functional with. Many of the borescopes are compatible with smartphones connected by Wi-Fi, while others are compatible with specific smartphones and PCs connected via USB cable.

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope comes with a micro SD card with a storage capacity of 32GB. It is capable of recording JPEG photos as well as MPEG-4 videos. It is not necessary to connect to the Wi-Fi or download the driver software to use this borescope.


The Screen Display

Borescopes are currently available with three different screen display options: a USB port, an LCD screen, and a wireless connection through a Wi-Fi signal.

Borescopes with their own LCD screens do not require the use of any other equipment to function properly.

The screen size of the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope has been extended to 5 inches instead of the standard 4.3-inch screen size on earlier models. Additionally, as compared to the previous borescopes, this one has three times the resolution. In addition to the 1.5x digital zoom, it has a durable glass screen with a customizable viewing angle.


Probe Length

Consider the probe length while deciding which borescope to purchase, as it could be significant depending on your application requirements.

Several borescopes have a standard length of one meter. However, longer lengths are available for specific types. If the probes are too short, try purchasing a kit that includes extension probes as well.

The flexible cable with an 8mm camera on the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope readily travels through difficult-to-reach regions. Despite its length, the snake camera cable maintains its shape effectively. The camera can work underwater for up to 3.28ft (1 meter) thanks to its IP67 waterproof construction.

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LED Ring Light

A total of seven LED lights are included with the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope. The brightness of these lights may be adjusted, and they provide a clear view of even the darkest inspection regions when used in conjunction with the forward-facing camera. To provide side illumination, the side camera is equipped with its own LED light.


LED Flash Light

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope also has a LED flashlight for added convenience. The monitor’s built-in flashlight is extremely helpful when operating the camera in low- or no-light situations.



The camera and, if appropriate, the Wi-Fi chip should be considered while using a battery-operated borescope because they consume a significant amount of power when in operation. If you have a battery with a capacity of 1000 milliamp hours or less, you’ll receive two hours or less of battery life for each charge.

The other end of the spectrum are borescopes that feature battery packs with 2000 milliamp hours or more, which may give more than five hours of operation. It goes without saying that if you want something that can be used for a significant chunk of a workday, you’ll need something with a large battery.

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope is equipped with powerful batteries. Because of the high capacity and rechargeability of the built-in lithium-ion batteries, the device can be used for up to 6 hours at recommended temperatures of 32°F to 113°F (zero to 45 degrees Celsius).


Size Options

The Teslong Dual Lens Borescope is offered in three lengths: 10 feet, 16.4 feet, and 3.3 feet. You have the option of selecting the size that best suits your needs.



Finally, we can say that the Teslong Dual Lens Borescope is a super high-quality device. It is a portable multi-purpose inspection system. With the 32GB Micro SD Card, users can capture and store photographs (JPG) in 1080P resolution or films (AVI) in 720p resolution.

The adjustable handle and ergonomic design allow users to manage all keys with one hand easily. With a small diameter probe and a high-performance camera module, the device offers perfectly clear results.

If you’d like to learn more about other excellent borescopes on the market and how to choose the best one for your needs, check out our comprehensive buying guide.


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