HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer Review: The Best Anemometer to Better Plan Your Adventures

HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer Review

Anemometers are sophisticated instruments that are used to measure the speed of airflow. They are crucial instruments in the field of meteorology, and they are used to investigate weather patterns and forecast severe weather situations. Furthermore, anemometers can be used in a wide range of applications, including research, hiking, sailing, education, sky diving, firefighting, television reporting, data collection, building, HVAC, and crop harvesting, to name a few examples.

A variety of anemometers are currently available on the market, and you can select one that best suits your needs. You might prefer a portable device so that you can take it with you wherever you go, or you might prefer a more cost-effective device. Whatever your preference, there are several factors to be taken into evaluation before purchasing the device that’ll be most appropriate for you to use.

If you’re looking for a digital anemometer with a reasonable price tag, the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is likely to be one of the top options. For outdoor recreation such as windsurfing, kite flying, aeromodelling, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sailing, surfing, fishing, hiking, and shooting (among others), this digital anemometer is a great tool to have on hand.



Established in 1998, HoldPeak Ltd. is a high-tech company that focuses on research, innovation, manufacturing, and sales. The company was founded in the field of information technology. After decades of growth, the “HoldPeak” brand has established itself as a significant player in the global measuring market. It puts its efforts into making digital measurement instruments that are more convenient, more accurate, and more secure for people worldwide.

The HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is a fantastic option that is available in a handheld format. With the support of its LCD screen, you can quickly and simply determine the wind speed with no problem. This will aid you in keeping record of the changes in the wind so that you can arrange your activities accordingly.

Let’s dig through the features.


Wind Speed Range and Accuracy Rating

The wind speed provided by the device is an important factor to take into consideration. A good anemometer will often provide wind speed readings in the range of 0 to 100 mph or more, depending on the model.

The accuracy rating of an anemometer is the most important criterion to consider when evaluating the overall quality of the instrument. The accuracy rating indicates how precise the reading supplied by a certain anemometer is in terms of precision. Always seek an anemometer with accuracy ranging from 5 percent or better to get the best results.

The saga of anemometers that offer heaven (in terms of accuracy) but bring hell is about to be changed by the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer. The manufacturer claims that it measures wind speed in the range of 0.3-30m/s (MAX up to 69mph) with an accuracy rate of 0.1dgts. The temperature range is 10 degree~45 degrees Celcius.

Experimenters from the past have come forward to verify the accuracy promises made for this device when monitoring the two most crucial weather patterns- wind speed and temperature.

HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer



There is more to the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer than a conventional anemometer, or you might say it is more like a little home weather station. You may use it to measure the wind speed and the wind chill, and the temperature. It also comes with different weather measuring capabilities.

Wind speed, temperature, and wind chill are displayed on the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer’s LCD display. Furthermore, it can measure wind speed in five different units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, and miles per hour.



The HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is a vane anemometer.  Although they use a mechanism similar to that of cup anemometers, the sensors on a vane anemometer are in the shape of a windmill or turbine. In contrast to cup anemometers, this anemometer must be placed parallel to the wind and revolve around a horizontal axis to function properly.

The HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is constructed with low friction bearing technology and an 8-leaf wind wheel to provide accurate readings. The larger the resistance that the wind meets, the lesser the external force that each wind wheel must contend with.

This wind wheel is exceptionally long-lasting and adaptable to different wind conditions. This updated dual wind chill sensor provides more precise measurement while also sensing more quickly.

In addition, a screw hole is located at the bottom of the device in this variant. These screw holes allow you to place your product on a tripod, which is advantageous compared to many other items on the market that do not have them.

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In addition to being more tough and durable than other anemometers, such as a hot wire, the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer can withstand even the harshest and dirtiest environments. They are also capable of withstanding higher wind speeds.

The HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer, on the other hand, must be directed in the direction of the source to get the best results or accurate readings. The rotating elements of this gadget may become worn out as a result of repeated use.


LCD Screen

Another feature that customers appreciate about the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is the huge display that it comes with. After working with devices that only displayed one sort of data at a time, you’ll appreciate how the HoldPeak 866B displays wind chill, speed, and temperature data all on a single display screen.

In addition to its size, this screen is also quite versatile in that it allows you to select the unit of measurement in which you want to obtain your data. The knots, ft/min, m/s, km/h, and mph are the units of measurement available on this anemometer. The temperature units used are Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Not to mention the fact that the anemometer allows you to obtain readings of the maximum/minimum and average weather conditions.  Also, the Max/Min/Average/Current functions are stored in the memory of the computer as well.

Furthermore, the display is backlit, allowing you to take readings even in low-light settings or at night without turning on your flashlight.



The HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is a portable gadget, which means you’ll use it in the same way you would your smartphone when using it. It also comes with a protective cover that makes it easy to transport it from one location to another. A lanyard comes with the kit to assist you in wearing it around your neck and prevent it from becoming misplaced when out and about in the field.


Ease of Use

The most appealing feature of the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is that it doesn’t have a sophisticated design, making it one of the most straightforward instruments to operate. All six buttons are properly labeled to assist you in quickly determining which button performs which function. The power button alone is a bright red color, allowing you to instantly press it to turn on and off your machine without having to look.

Additionally, the UNIT selector, the Min/Max setting, a backlight, the C/F selector, and the AVG button are all arranged in that order. In addition to the low battery warning, auto-shutoff function, and user manual, this anemometer offers several other characteristics that make it hassle-free and comfortable to use.



The HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer provides accurate wind speed data. Operating an anemometer has never been easier than now, thanks to the simpler design, clearly illustrated controls and a big LCD (with backlit function) of this product.

The fact that this anemometer is so reasonably priced is probably its most appealing feature. If you’re searching for a practical digital anemometer on a tight budget, the HoldPeak 866B Digital Anemometer is a great choice. It provides excellent value for the money.

Please refer to our in-depth buying guide for even more wonderful anemometer options, as well as tips on how to select the most suited one for your specific needs.


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