Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper Review: The Best Dial Calipers for Precision

Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper

If you need to measure with greater precision than you can achieve with a ruler, a dial caliper is an easy-to-use, multifunctional, and reasonably priced instrument to consider. It can be used to determine the outer widths or diameters of objects, as well as the internal dimensions of objects and the depth of steps or holes.

When looking for the best dial caliper, there are several factors to consider, including the accuracy, the material, the rigidity of the construction, the reading unit, the smoothness, the thumbscrew, and so on. When it comes to particular vocations such as machining and woodworking, you should also consider the appropriate dial caliper.

While many models appear to be similar, there are significant distinctions between them. Choosing the best dial caliper can be time-consuming due to a large number of options available.

With its high-quality construction and feature-rich design, the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is a high-performance instrument that is accurate enough for professionals while being reasonably priced for home users.



For more than a century, Starrett has been manufacturing high-precision measuring tools such as micrometers and calipers. Yes, they are well-versed in their field. They compete against some of the more up-and-coming manufacturers, as well as options from well-established tool manufacturers like Mitutoyo and Brown & Sharpe, to name a couple.

In terms of ease of use and maintenance, the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is excellent. It is a convenient tool that does not necessitate the use of a skilled hand. Comparing the pricing of this caliper to the market, Starrett is offering it at an amazing price while delivering the highest level of quality.

We are here to help you fully grasp the product before you order it. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics of the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper.



A dial caliper, such as the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper, is similar to a Vernier caliper in structure, but a dial indication substitutes the Vernier scale. The dial caliper is useful for both direct and comparative measurements.

The jaws of the dial caliper glide past each other, allowing contact points to fit into tight apertures for extremely small ID measurements.

The measures are shown clearly, making it easier to read than a typical Vernier caliper. This sort of caliper does not require batteries.

Most of the dial calipers have one disadvantage in that measurements are supplied in either imperial or metric units, but not both. In the instance of the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper, it shows both, which is utterly impressive.

Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper


Materials and Design

This hardened stainless steel Starrett dial caliper is ideal for woodworking, metalworking, automotive, and machining applications. The caliper’s durable but sophisticated design – which includes a satin-finished bar – ensures that it looks as good as it performs, even after spending all day slamming around in your garage or toolbox.


Measuring Range

This dial caliper, like all Starrett products, is designed and developed for accuracy and precision. This particular type has a measurement range of 0 – 6 inches, graduation of 0.001 inches, and one revolution around the dial face equals 0.100 inches.

The Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is great for taking precise measurements of the outer dimensions, inner dimensions, and depth of an object.


Measurement Display

The brilliant white background and black graduations of the dial make it simple to read even in low-light conditions. The bar itself has black graduations that measure in both millimeters and inches. The adjustable dial bezel enhances your ability to take exact measurements even more.



Because the jaw on the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is secured by lock screws, you won’t have to worry about the tool sliding when you’re measuring at an angle or pulling the tool out of a tight location to take your reading.

The calipers’ spring-loaded double-pinion is designed to eliminate any backlash, allowing for even better levels of accuracy when taking measurements.


Protective Case

Because the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is made of hardened stainless steel (which will never rust) and has been developed for precision, this caliper is exceptionally durable on its own. However, because it is created for precision, it must be handled with care whenever necessary.

That is why the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper set comes with a pin hinge case made of plastic that is lightweight and easy to transport when not in use.

Additionally, the protective case makes it more difficult to forget or lose this smaller equipment when it is not in use, in addition to protecting the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper itself.


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The Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is one of the most versatile calipers available on the market today.  It is equipped with a precise adjustment roll that is controlled by the thumb and contacts that are razor-thin.


No Battery Required

With the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper, you can put an end to project interruptions caused by the inability of your tools to turn on or operate properly. This is because this caliper employs a dial reader rather than a digital reader, and as a result, it is always ready to use as soon as you draw it from its case.

When the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is handed to you, you will not be required to purchase batteries, and you will never have to stress about the instrument failing in the middle of a critical job.



After every single usage, you can be confident that the dial on the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper will be reset to zero. In contrast, lower-cost digital models may become inaccurate over time and with repeated use.



The type of material that was utilized in the construction of a dial caliper would be a key aspect in determining its pricing. Stronger and more durable materials such as stainless steel will command a somewhat higher price, but they will provide superior performance and longer service life. Ultimately, we believe that it is preferable to invest a little more now in order to benefit from a durable and dependable product for years to come.

The Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is constructed of high-quality and exceptionally durable stainless steel, and it has been engineered to give outstanding precision in terms of performance and accuracy.

As a result, this high-end dial caliper is a little more expensive than other inferior alternatives. You may be certain, however, that the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper will offer you the maximum return on your investment.



We hope that this review of the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper has helped you to make an informed decision about which caliper to purchase. This article should be highlighted by the reminder that, when it comes to precision measuring instruments, you truly do get what you pay for. In this situation, it is recommended to spend a little more money in a high-quality caliper.

The Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper is a must-have because of its accuracy, measuring capability, and high-quality components. This tool is for everyone, regardless of whether you’re an expert, a novice, or somewhere between. Starrett may be a household name and an industry leader in precise measuring equipment, but this tool is truly for everyone.

You can’t afford to buy an inferior caliper that will give you wrong measurements whether you’re working with wood, machines, or metal, so the cost is more than justifiable.

If you want more information on other excellent options available for dial calipers, as well as how to select the most appropriate one for your specific requirements and preferences, you can read our detailed buying guide, which will help to make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.


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